Favorite line, lyric, stanza or whatever

I love when I am sitting around and a favorite song comes into my head; or better yet I’m listening to something I love and then I remember why I love it…

What are your favorite lines, lyrics, stanzas or whatever you like from a good tune…

(quote the artist if you are hip to it, or that’s cool):

‘Touch your world up with some colour
Dream you are swinging on a star
Taste it first then add some flavour
Now you know just who you are’

*Van Morrison

‘She could wade in a drop of dew’

*Grateful Dead

‘Hey nonny nonny oh,
(Hey nonny nonny oh, )
Oh nonny nonny
(Oh nonny nonny)
Hey nonny nonny…
(Hey nonny nonny)
Oh nonny
(Oh nonny)…’

*Violent Femmes

‘Planet Claire has pink air
All the trees are red
No one ever dies there
No one has a head’


'It’s nice here with a view of the trees
Eating with a spoon?
They don’t give you knives?
‘Spect you watch those trees
blowing in the breeze
We want to see you lead a normal life’

*Peter Gabriel

whatever, just a few that make me tweek,

what do you love in your music? why do you listen?


“Branscombe Richmond” by Anal C#nt

you’re fucking awesome
you’re my favorite actor
your character is great
you fucking rule

branscombe richmond [x2]

you and lorenzo work great together
you’ve got cool jewelery
your hairstyle couldn’t be better

i wish i was you


i respect your native heritage
your name is really cool
i’d love your hairdressers number
you couldn’t possibly be cooler


I like it because “Renegade” is a really stupid show.

Years ago I was an angry young man
And I’d pretend that I was a billboard
Standing tall by the side of the road
And I fell in love with the beautiful highway

–“Nothing But Flowers,” Talking Heads

‘Keep that line serpentine’ Julian Cope