Favorite Radio station block non US ISP- Help!

My favorite talk radio station that I’ve listened to for over 25 years has just cut me off as a new years gift. Are there any workarounds.

The only isp I have in the us is my university account. It’s a unix system. I can only telnet into it and the only environment it gives me is a unix shell. I don’t think that it would be much help.

Erm… more info please?
Is it the radio station that has cut you off, or is it your university?
Are you actually in the States at the moment?

Can you tell us the station?

Reading your post as carefully as possible, I can only guess that you are connecting you your US university account from Taiwan in order to listen to the station. Is this because the station is only available within the States?

Seriously, your post is a bit confusing.

I’ve got what might be a similar problem - there’s a new radio station in NZ broadcasting online, but only to NZ connections, and I’m not sure, but I think if I could proxy it up I might be able to fake it. I think this might be the same thing as above - the station won’t broadcast to non-US (in that case) connections. Anyway I don’t know what I’m doing.

I’ll be more clear.

The station is in the US. WABC talk radio. I’m here in Taiwan.
The station uses microsoft media player.

I used to listen to it everyday until yesterday. I complained and they told me thier new policy.

I’ve read on this forum where people have used thier home country’s internet service or proxy servers to fool these checks. That’s why I mentioned my home country’s university account.

Anyway, since I probably can’t use that let’s forget about that, what are my options? I really am into withdrawl now…

Yes, the only option is to make them think you’re connecting from the US. Proxy or some way of forwarding internet traffic through a connection in the US. Pay for a proxy or setup one yourself, on your computer or one in the US; there are many out there.

Your university only allows telnet/ssh shell connections. They wouldn’t let you setup any proxy or port forwarding on their machines.

Could you tell me more about proxy’s it looks like this is kind of regionalization is going to be a trend.

I’m already spending enough for my entertainment budget. I really can’t afford a pay proxy now. What free options are there.

I’ve tried some free proxy’s by checking the box in the conections tab of the internet options menu. Some just didn’t work. Others still reported me as coming from hinet when I did a “who am I” search. I must be doing something wrong.

What would a talk radio station gain by blocking it’s content to the US only? It doesn’t play music so there’s no licensing fees. It already blocks all commercials due to the union dispute a few years ago. Am I really costing them so much that they don’t want to let me listen.


is a German university proxy service, allowing even anonymous surfing. English web site. You set up a Java applet and it reconfigures your IE to use their proxy. I think, but am not sure, this will affect MediaPlayer as well.

Standard configuration is via Germany, which will not help you. But you can chose an alternative route (like Germany/Dresden -> US).

They do it so complicated to make it really untraceable.

Your target website will only see your route end point.

However, the alternative routes often were slowly.

Anyone knows a US service? Anonymizer.com will not work, as it redirects HTTP traffic only via browser interface, not MediaPlayer…