Favorite songs that share the same word(s) in their title

[Excluding words like “the”, “a”, “an”, etc. Songs that you turn up radio volume when driving.]
First album: Fly
The Beatles’ song happens to be one of my favorite instrumental songs.

Fly - Pearl Jam
Fly Like an Eagle - Steve Miller Band
Fly By Night - Rush
Fly - Sugar Ray
Learning to Fly - Tommy Petty and the Heartbreakers
Learn to Fly - Foo Fighters
Learning to Fly - Pink Floyd
Pretty Fly (For a White Guy) - The Offspring
Flying - The Beatles

Expecting to Fly - Buffalo Springfield

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Human fly - the Cramps


Good luck doing that with “love”.

Well, it’s songs you/others like a lot; maybe people love “love” songs. Not my cup of tea or beer right now. :tea: :beer: