Favourite Restaurant in Taiwan (part 2)

Sushi Express is my “go to”. They are everywhere.

theres good restaurants on pretty much every street, just avoid those trendy new brunch places or taiwan pasta places. i have no idea why they are popular. beyond average.

Well because locals like them, like moi. :whistle:

Sorry for not having a proper taste for food. :stuck_out_tongue:

In a flooded market (and for good reason), my favourite Japanese counter sashimi is at Koiki / 鮨割烹小粋日式料理. My favourite Japanese restaurant ever including within Japan. Chef can adjust omakase menu based on your price limit, just like most other counter places.

Don’t know about “favorite”, but for the absolute best Indian food in Taiwan, I highly recommend Balle Balle in Taipei. The owner is also awesome, so that’s an added plus.

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My favourites. Many are owner-chef operated and quality is consistently good:

  • Biteology
  • Chamkar 蔬食 Chamkar Cafe’ & Restaurant (vegetarian)
  • 咖哩嚕哆 Curry Noodles カレーヌードル (at Xihu MRT foodcourt)
  • Joseph Bistro 想想廚房 (Indian)
  • 兔兔日子 - Tu’s Day (Cafe with good food)
  • Yu Chocolatier 畬室 法式巧克力甜點創作 (won Int’l Chocolate Awards, 2016 & 2017)
  • 培仁素食烹調工作室 (無奶無蛋)(vegan)
  • 東雅小廚 (Shanghainese cuisine)
  • 雲松小館 (Yunnan cuisine)
  • 雲南人和園餐廳 (Yunnan cuisine)

Thanks for the recommendation, I went to check it out last week and for a Sunday night later in the evening, the place was still busy! I haven’t had Indian since moving to Taiwan and it was pretty awesome :).

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Momo Paradise


@jimbob132 in another thread has reminded me that it is approaching the time of year where I spend an eye-watering number of blues on Incontinentia Buttocks and the little one. Each year we go to a really expensive restaurant in Taipei (or, at a push, elsewhere).

Has anyone been to a restaurant recently that they considered outstanding? Price is pretty much not an issue.

For restaurants with good food and service I can recommend Yuan Yuan at grand hotel, Yen at W hotel, and most of the buffets around 700-1300 price range like Shin Yeh.

Wow it has really been a long time since I saw “Favourite Restaurant” and “Grand Hotel” put together. Have these guys suddenly or dramatically upped their game?


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Our tastes don’t match, unfortunately. Expensive Cantonese really doesn’t do it for me.

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It was pretty good quality last time I ate there (admittedly a fair few years ago). It just wasn’t to my taste.

Salt & Stone is good.

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