FBI check migrating to new system.. Delays?!

Hi guys,

A few months ago I applied for FBI check with 5 months to spare. Suddenly it’s getting quite thin… It just so happened that when I applied, they recently posted experiencing delays migrating to new system

I JUST did a visa run and it’s ridiculous if I’ll have to do another one because of this delay… I recently got married to a Taiwanese girl and this is the last thing I need for the APRC.

I have 90 day visa right now, is it possible to show someone official delays and get a 30 day extension? I have proof of how long ago I filed this. They aren’t even giving me a hint of how long the delay actually is.

Ugh… This is unfortunate. If anyone has any tips I’d appreciate it.

Get a job, get an arc…then get ur marriage arc.

NI need for background check!