Fear of Elves made Montreal kiddyfiddler buy powerful guns

[quote]MONTREAL — A man charged with uttering death threats on Facebook armed himself with high-powered weapons because he feared he was being stalked by elves, a Montreal court was told Wednesday.

“There’s nothing at this point to make us doubt his ability to appear or his fitness to stand trial,” said prosecutor Steeve Lariviere.

Besides uttering death threats on the Internet, Abitbol also had child pornography charges laid against him on Wednesday. He had also been previously charged with improperly storing his five firearms.

Sgt. Mathieu Bouliane, a Quebec provincial police investigator, read numerous messages Abitbol had written to correspondents on the Internet in which he said he repeatedly saw and heard elves at home and in stores.

At one point, after hearing static on his office walkie-talkie, he complained the elves had followed him there and he would quit if they showed up again.

Bouliane also testified that Abitbol wrote that he intended to kill former teachers and classmates.

The police officer also produced an inventory of the weapons found in Abitbol’s home, which included high-powered rifles.
The five firearms included a .45-calibre pistol found under the mattress of Abitbol’s bed. There was also an impressive amount of ammunition, both store-bought and hand-manufactured.The weapons were registered.

Testimony also recounted Abitbol’s fascination with weapons and gory videos.
In one message, he described in detail some videos of beheadings and executions, comparing the effects of the severed limbs to Picasso paintings.

Evidence was also entered that 250 child pornography files had been found on his computer, a first series consisting of about 100 images of a 10-year-old girl.
A second set, which had been deleted but was recovered by police specialists, found another 150 images of a girl aged between 10 and 14 years.


oh my GOD

from the Toronto Sun:

[quote]MONTREAL – A Montreal man arrested for allegedly uttering death threats online intended to use his cache of firearms against elves he feared lurked all around him, according to statements heard during his bail hearing Wednesday.

David Abitbol was arrested Oct. 2 in his Montreal home. Police say he was threatening former classmates and school teachers on Facebook and MSN under the online handle ‘David Darkkiller.’[/quote]

I have to see the Facebook Page. I wonder if “David Darkkiller” has been hacked by 4chan yet.

That is ONE creepy-looking dude. If he was issuing death threats in my workplace and talking about elves coming after him I would definitely call the police.

Here’s his Facebook profile pic:

His Facebook page is not public but he likes:

[quote]David Darkiller likes:

Other Music
Pet Society
Kingdoms of Camelot
Treasure Madness

There’s something really funny about a guy who fears Elves spending time playing Kingdoms of Camelot. I wonder what he was doing in there?

And of course, my prayers are with the family. And with the poor girls whose pictures he was on his computer. But I hope he gets locked away for a couple of years. I wouldn’t want to work with this guy or want him around my kids. I am looking forward to finding more about him, tho. Loonies fascinate me, and this guy is as loonie as it gets.
I can only imagine what that facebook page looks like.

Why buy weapons when a couple of orcs would deal with any pesky elven mauraders?