Fear of uncertainty and detachment during quarantine

I studied Chinese for a couple of years in my own country, always postponing the plan to visit from one year to the next.

Now I’m here and not sure how to handle it. In fact, before departing and during the first days after landing I was pretty excited about this new chapter, this brief period where I could really play with the learning process of this peculiar language. The idea that finally, without any second thought, I could happily embarass myself while trying to communicate with the locals with my almost non-existent 中文說 excited me.

Then there’s the quarantine.

I don’t really mind being alone as I pass my days studying, doing physical exercises and watching movies, but I feel kinda alienated right now.
It’s my 10th day of quarantine, haven’t seen anything about this city while the excitement and the bravery of trying to communicate with the locals is kinda gone.

It doesn’t help that I don’t have a proper window, as it faces a wall and I never have direct sunlight.

Fun fact: today I wasn’t able to communicate in Chinese with a Uber Eats driver in order to redirect him to my hotel as my gps didn’t work really well and this bugged me a bit.

Sorry for the banter, just had to write this to someone.
Anyways, hope this night of sleep will charge me a bit.


Welcome to Taiwan , things can only improve. :wink:


What I did, was found strangers on the Internet with whom I vehemently disagreed to argue with. You could try this, and in addition to giving some contact with other people, it will make you miss other people a little less :wink:


All in all, I’ve probably spent a year of my life in lockdown or isolation in Taiwan, Italy, and UK. It’s rough and I’m rather pissed that it took a year of my life in my 20s for what I know strongly believe to be an overreaction. I’m not saying it’s not real or it’s not something to take seriously. But I think it was mishandled from the start followed by an overreaction.

But life goes on, I’ve made good use of this time. Finished my masters and started my 2nd company since the pandemic started.

You’ll soon enjoy your new life in Taiwan soon. Just hang in there.


Just remember how many people on the island are pro-quarantine, even for the triple vaccinated.

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Nope, that definitely isn’t going to help. No matter what the other circumstances, 10 days in a situation like that is going to do someone’s head in. Don’t worry about feeling like crap - it’s natural in such a situation.

Only a few days left. Then you’ll get to enjoy the place a lot more.


A strategy I didn’t consider :sweat_smile:


Well Congratulazioni on your successes man!

I also spent my quarantine in Italy but I always felt that my mental health mattered, and I acted accordingly to it. I didn’t always follow the rules, although in a responsible way, and this let me enjoy even some weird years like 2020 and 2021.

Obviously here I won’t complain, this is how it’s done, if you don’t like it you can leave, but it makes you think.

Anyways, pretty sure it’ll pass with just a good night of sleep!


Tinder helped me during quarantine. Practice that Chinese with some qt 3.14’s and get yourself a date right out of quarantine my guy. :wink:


Ahaha it is one of my main activities atm

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You going to live in Taipei?

Nope, I’m in Kaohsiung. Will visit Taipei tho

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You’ll have more sunshine than we have in the capital.

Something to look forward to!



How’s that going for you? I haven’t found Kaohsiung Tinder to be very good…

I’d say bumble is better than tinder here

I’m in quarantine in Taipei right now and I understand how you feel.

I specifically booked a room with balcony to see and hear people, as I knew that it was going to be hard to stay isolated. I’ll go home next Monday to the remaining 7 days (I do 7+7), and although I haven’t been that long, the last few days, when you can feel the ending soon, are the most difficult ones.

It is also my first time in Tw with a resident visa. Before I was a tourist every time, so I understand the feeling of wanting to go out and seeing things with a different perspective.
I brought my two laptops, the switch and two hard drives, so it’s hard to feel bored. Although I love staying home and doing my own stuff, I need to go out and explore once in a while, so I keep planning things to do once I’m out.
It’s fine as long as you don’t go into the “I’m in jail” mood. :joy:


Quarantine: the very definition of alienation.

If I were you I’d pretend that I wasn’t really in Taiwan yet. Just imagine that you’re in some halfway state between Taiwan and wherever you came from.

Don’t be surprised if your Chinese doesn’t work that well here. The difference between what people learn in foreign countries and the way people here actually communicate can be huge. I knew a guy with an M.A. in Chinese who struggled here for months. Of course he only studied Mainland Chinese, but still…

I feel for ya. I’m looking at buying tickets back to the States this summer, and the idea of quarantine on the way back has me worried. I’m really not sure how I’m going to deal with being alone in a room for that long.


I specifically decided not to bring my ps4 as i’d probably spend the entire 15 days playing Elden Ring, which meant i would come out of the quarantine like a real zombie…
Actually i didn’t know my window would face a wall but whatever man, i’m almost done.


Yep, sometimes i have to remind me i’m in Taiwan and not in my home country.

Doesn’t that happen 3 times a day when they bring you the shitty meals? :sweat_smile:

Judging from your username, or actually just basic probability, you presumably come from somewhere with better food…

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