Fear of uncertainty and detachment during quarantine

Ah yes our expert on all things in Taiwan including Taiwanese police :grin::joy:.

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Has he ever lived in Taiwan, sounds like he knows Ukraine more than Taiwan.


Good question, I asked once about Asia generally:

Working in an Asian environment can be quite a cultural adjustment for westerners who have only traveled through (big difference between being a tourist for a few weeks, and being a subordinate for a few years). I know I’ve been happier working in Asia when I’ve had Western supervisors and colleagues, they’ve been less likely to take offence at things which I thought were harmless or even sensible. I’ve definitely found having an open mind and understanding that I might not understand what is happening or agree with the the way it is done is ok, and that complaining and condescending doesn’t get me very far in the work place (and that not just in Asia)…

I don’t need to explain to you how I interact with my friends and colleagues that are still in Ukraine. I don’t think that posting on Forumosa is going to help them in any way esp since the posters on this forum refer to it as “a third world country.” Many of you come off as common trolls.

I am on this forum for Taiwan related matters and to get an idea of what I am in for in that country.

But thanks for assuming that you know anything about my relationships with people that are suffering in Ukraine and Eastern Europe in general.


If you had perused the posts you would see that I lived in Ukraine which is why I know quite a bit about it and have connections there. However, this is a Taiwan forum so I don’t constantly post unrelated things about it here. Except to call out trolls who want to talk trash about how it is a “third world country.”

As far as Taiwan, as I have said before I have been to Taiwan before but it was long before this pandemic mess. My family and I are supposed to move there for work eventually and I use this forum to get an idea of what I am in for and to keep track of what is going on over there with restrictions,

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I think a person that has actually lived in Ukraine knows far more about it than say…you.

Right, I’ll agree. Just like those of us who live in Taiwan know more about it than say… you.

I suggest that, since you’ve never worked in Asia before, if you will be working closely with Asian people, you read up on the specific cultural differences. In order to avoid unpleasantness at work. I learned the hard way, through making mistakes, but I was quite young when I first came over here :slight_smile:


I don’t doubt that. However, it doesn’t mean that I have to blindly agree with the absurd restrictions there. Surely you do know more about it. Which is the primary reason why I joined the Forumosa forums on such things. I certainly didn’t join for the friendly banter LOL

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I did!


@Paul_Santangelo, welcome to freedom (give or take a couple of days). Enjoy yourself now that you’ve finally got a chance to explore Kaohsiung and test out your Chinese!

(And, um, yeah, your thread kind of got taken over by the gripes of others. I’m afraid that does happen a lot, but don’t give up on the forum because of it.)

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We should refocus on helping you getting over your OCD about coming to Taiwan .


If you come here you will have to comply…So figure it out, come here and comply and get on with it or don’t come here…It ain’t that difficult. That’s what 99 per cent of your posts could be boiled down to.



Haven’t posted in days. Seems like you are the one obsessed right now! I’ve got other issues trying to support friends and colleagues in Ukraine. There are bigger problems in my world right now. But carry on!

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Like Arnie or a Star Wars movie…You’ll be back :raised_hand:


But we ain’t going to change nuffin for you.

Nah. I already sanitized and self-censored a lot to take it down to “gripes”.

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I did, but my pc is going to be in parts in my suitcase while I’m in quarantine.