Fear the Japanese! Fear them!

I’ll bet this pachinko character is going to go over real well if the Japanese try to export him/it to the US. :shock: :shock: :unamused:


But this computer game I could go for…especially if I can get Alien to be one of the characters. :laughing:

micromouse.co.jp/wgame/bikin … karate.htm

Nothing wrong with that, racism is ok if it’s supposed to be humourous, or if it’s aimed at someone else.
Ask any Taiwanese or Forumosian who’s been in Taiwan too long.

What karate move is this: micromouse.co.jp/wgame/bikin … ot11-s.jpg ?
or this : micromouse.co.jp/wgame/bikin … ot23-s.jpg ?
(linked in case you are eating)

Here’s one some should like. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: