Didn’t know where to post this video.

NSFW * Some of you can relate to this vid and some of you cannot * NSFW

MTK, Scott Summers (sp?), Gordon, and the rest should enjoy this vid.

I think this vid is awesome. Very well done by trying to express the feeling during an altercation.


Great vid love it!

I’ve had this for a while; it’s my favourite MMA highlight.

I like the part when the song says ‘‘you’re a dirty needle’’ and it cuts to Mark Kerr.

Yeah, I luvz me that one. Nothing wrong with watching it a second (or fifth) time.

Yes, I have to agree , very cool video clip. Shows some of the best shots from Pride . I like the ending .

Poor Sakuraba…

Everytime I watch him go, he ends up getting beat. Did he break or dislocate his shoulder in that video? I couldn’t tell. But later on in the video you’ll see the arm lock that seems to pop it out of place.

I’ll always remember that little bastards’ flying armbar. Zip-flip-ouch-tap.

I always find it hard to watch Cro Cop get dubbed. Even tempered, Cold and methodical. Can’t say I relate!!! hahaha.

it is only a pride highlight… [/list]

it is only a pride highlight… [/list][/quote]

But by golly gee willikers…it be a good one. Dat dem video be gooduns. WOOOOOOWEEEEE.

Great stuff Monster.