Fed up of being stared at? You need


A disguise for foreigners in Taiwan!

Now we just need to find someone to import them. :laughing:


:smiley: I like your style Monkey.


Does it come with a can of yellow body paint too?


Mr. Chen’s export and import emporium has agreed to help me on this matter. I’ve given up my 6 figure salary, sold my condo on the beach traded my Ferrari in for a 50cc scooter.
Now I need 8 people with the “millionaire mindset” to join me! Do you have what it takes to be rich beyond your dreams?


I am a Nigerian gentleman who would like to join. I only need you to help me with an estate matter that simply entails you sending me US$10,000. With that claim fee, I can free up assets worth more that US$1 million. We can split the profits.
I will be coming to Taiwan and wish to blend in; the kit will make me almost invisible to the average Taiwanese.


Laughing still.


Stare back. Works everytime.