Fed up with work at a Cram School

What does one do when their school doesn’t follow the contract? I have been working less hours than what is on my contract for a half a year. They told me if I want more hours I should go to another county an hour and a half away to get more hours at there school. This is ridiculous. I’ve gone to the Ministry of Education in my county, it was a waste of time, they told me to find a second job. Seems even they don’t know the law in Taiwan. They gave me a complaint form to fill out, but I doubt it will really do any good. They didn’t explain the proceedure. I know you can arrange a meeting between you and the employer, but I doubt it would do any good. Most of this schools teachers work in more than one county. The school refuses to pay you for your time, just the train fare. What are my options here?


Does your contract really offer you a certain amount of hours?

This is unusual as most teaching contracts actually say that YOU have to be available to work a certain amount of hours,but this does not mean that they have to give you those hours!

By law a schools has to give you at least 15 hours a week (I think it is 15), in order for you to get your teaching permit etc.

If they give you less then that, they are breaking the law. Problem is, if you report this to the dep. of ed. or foreign affairs office, they would probably cancel your ARC and kicj you out. So this would affect you and not your school.

Bushibans here are powerful, and there is little I know of that you can legally do, to solve these types of problems.

My suggestion is: get some more hours at another school (this is illegal though). This way you can get work close to your home, and you can charge a LOT more,and there is no contract garbage to deal with.

You teach, they pay, you don’t like, you go. Simple:-)

My advice is just leave. Get anotjer job. Tell them how you feel.