Federer's feet

This Federer guy is a stunningly talented tennis player. Of course, it helps that tennis “technology” has produced racquets that are both large and light. In fact, the limit seems to be that, soon, the heaviest single component in a tennis racquet will be the strings.

These racquets let the players play the ball so high that the effect is amazing. Really, the game resembles table tennis more than ever, in the sense that players can hit the ball down into their opponent’s side, with a lateral arm motion (rather than an over-the-top, serve-like motion) like never before. In other words, a player in table tennis often hits the ball very hard when it’s significantly higher than the net, down into his opponent’s side and away; now tennis players are able to do so as well, and the ball does not have to be so high as to require an overhead, serve-style strike. In fact, this lateral strike is very similar in technique to that used in table tennis to gain the same effect: an outright winner at top velocity, a slam.

The result is that tennis players are able to find angles of attack that are acuter than ever, and struck at top velocity as well. I’ve never seen so many good shots, not serves, that are both on/near the line and inside the service area. Who needs to risk a serve and volley attack when you can get a higher guarantee, a guarantee of an outright winner, whenever your opponent merely leaves too much air below his ball?

And Federer takes advantage of it better than anybody. As I write this, he’s 2-1 up on Roddick having just won the third-set tiebreaker. I wish my compatriot, Roddick, didn’t use a 2-handed backhand. Federer doesn’t, but then nobody, and I mean nobody, moves their feet as well as he. Really, that’s why he can strike a one-handed backhand so well (light and large racquet helps a lot, obviously). It’s the key to his talent, imo.

Federer is probably a great dancer. Great, great feet on that guy.

great quote from rodders today in the guardian:

“I threw the kitchen sink at him, but he went into the bathroom and got the tub,”

says it all really

It was the Tortoise and the Hare playing each other. Roddick set off at a blistering pace and was outplaying Federer early on but Fed just kept on plugging away, consistently notching up games, and then Rodders just sort of ‘unforced errored’ his way out of contention.
Pity - I was rooting for Rodders. Never mind, it was a good match but not really a classic.

I like the idea of federer as a tortoise. When he is playing well he just seems to slow the whole thing down. Some players look rushed and lose there cool. But federer, boy does he make things look easy and relaxed. Some of the pundits also noticed that he actually got a bit worked up during the final - he actually muttered something to himself. And what about that one handed backhand? Roddick wasn’t bad either, some fantastic forehands. I think the difference is that Roddick looks like he works hard at his game, whereas federer looks like he was born with every shot (I know federer probably works just as hard, it just doesn’t come across). Here’s looking forward to many more Federer v Roddick encounters.

his backhand is mental…the way he winds it up and unleashes it; i’ve never seen that before. i loved the first set mind…it looked like a cartoon version of tennis where everything is exagerated and sped up…both players playing some outrageous cross court running shots that from anyone else would be saves but from these two were always attempted winners…

Thats why he is number one in the world.Federer is the BEST.At least Henman didnt make it,THANK G…He suck.Must be the worst player ever.

henman is beckham without the haircut…a topclass choker

[quote=“the bear”]great quote from rodders today in the guardian:

“I threw the kitchen sink at him, but he went into the bathroom and got the tub,”

says it all really[/quote]

Yes, it does. :slight_smile:

Couldn’t agree more, Federer makes it look so, so easy. His backhand is a thing of beauty, imo. And yes, usually Roddick looks about as graceful as anybody, but there sure was a difference between him and Federer on Sunday. Federer is as smooth as a Taipei sidewalk.

Did you notice his forehand is also excellent? (I’m sure you did)

I watched the match on American tv. Once Roddick hit a low screamer to Fed’s forehand side - Fed returned it even lower and harder - and the replay froze Federer’s image just as he met the ball. His form was unbelievable, really. He moved his weight forward at precisely the correct time, and in the frozen shot Fed resembled a backward “C”. A very smooth backward “C” at that.

In a way, his form at impact is like that of a world-class golfer, except the tennis ball is moving while Tiger Wood’s golf ball isn’t. And like a great golfer, he plays within himself, never over-trying and instead just trusts his instincts. Roddick, otoh, does not, he’s too hectic, too busy, tries too hard. To the eye, then, Federer is smooth, Roddick noticeably less so.

He’s just an amazing athlete.

Fantastic match between Federer and Wawrinka on channel 73 right now. Well worth watching. We won’t be able to see the genius in action too much longer.

Stan Wawrinka is gassed out from his previous match, otherwise I think he would have won this. Anyway, the winner does not stand a chance next round against Rafa Nadal.

Remember that match, was rooting for Roger but the rain kind of saved him in the 3rd set (or 2nd set cannot remember). Andy Roddick was firing all cylinders and was unfortunate to lose, and he never won Wimbledon.

I dunno. Nishikori is stretching Nadal to the tune of three games.

Lol feel sorry for Nishikori.

And the rain now, might benefit Stan Wawrinka…

They initially came off due to the threat of lightning, which was a shame for Nishikori as it was his only chance.


Cracking match between Djokovich and Thiem right now.

Many are overreacting about the fatigue factor in my opinion. Dominic Thiem is very fit and I believe he’ll be fresh enough today. Tough ask to beat Rafa Nadal but you never know, match might be competitive.

Rafa Nadal going for his 12th French Open title, absolutely ridiculous.

I think Thiem has looked stronger this year than last year. Nadal will win, but I don’t think it will be straight sets.

It’s one of the most insane achievements in sport, let alone tennis.

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