Fedex -- how does it work here?


I’ve got a U.S. Fedex account number, and would like to fedex something back to the U.S. Where can one pick up envelopes and shipping slips for this service? Do they do pickup for a single document, or do you have to drop it off somewhere?

Many thanks!

7-11 used to be Fedex Pickup point ---- or was it DHL

Yes, any 7-11 will do Fedex Letter service. Family Mart does UPS Letter. You can also get Express Mail Service through the post office a bit cheaper, but the service isn’t quite as fast and tracking is available only after delivery. Both UPS and Fedex have complete information on their web sites in English. Just select Taiwan as your country, then switch to English and it’ll show you all you need to know. I’m not sure the Fedex account number will work through 7-11 though.

Hmm, 7-11 is no longer listed on Fedex’s website, so that could be old info.

Look here:

fedex or UPS or DHL will all come to your home or business to make pickups of packages or letters. If your using a USA FEDEX number then you will probably need a local guaranteer here.

7-11 does DHL.

You still can track the delivery using Express Mail Service through the post office.

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Yes, but in my experience EMS tracking only shows anything AFTER delivery. With UPS or Fedex you can see hour by hour exactly where the package is.

Including the bit about “signed for by unreadable signature” - actually that is getting better - the delivery guys in OZ and NZ seem to be insisting on readable names

I remember EMS shows not only things after delivery, but includes the exact timing the goods were picked up and the progress of delivery or something. Tell me whether I am wrong. Though Fedex, UPS, DHL are well known but there are expensive and there are still some alternative carriers having tracking service online, like TNT, T-Joint… For light documents, EMS is good enough.

EMS failed me twice in one year, with one letter package the Thailand, and one letter package to California. Both never reached their destinations. Not surprising. I send A LOT of registered local mail for my business and find that their is also a failure rate. I’ve ended up sending things by FedEx at their main depot in Neihu for international or personaly delivering important local mail the Taiwanese way, by either courier or in person.

Yes, it tells you all that, but not until after the package is delivered. Until then, if you look it up it just says it was picked up, nothing else. When I’m sending or receiving something important, I’m going to want to check it a couple of times a day so I don’t find out at the last minute that something went wrong and it’ll arrive late or is lost. This has happened to me twice with EMS. On the first one it arrived when expected and it was no big deal. On the other it was marked as delivered when it hadn’t been. It took me two days of yelling to find that it was sitting in a USPS field station because nobody was available when they tried to deliver it. One attempt, no notice left, mis-reported as delivered, and nobody would take resposibility because the computer said it was delivered. Meanwhile it is sitting waiting for someone to pick it up who had no idea where it was because no notice was left. What a fiasco.

If it’s not something important, go ahead and save a few bucks with EMS. If it is important, don’t mess around. With EMS your mail is being handled by the regular postal system in multiple countries with no one place to call if things go wrong. With Fedex, UPS and DHL, most of the time it is all handled by one company no matter where in the world you are sending. You pay a bit more, but they aren’t going to completely screw you over.

I have found Fedex and DHL tracking extemely reasuring - especially when you call the receipient and they say they do not have it and you can quote the final delivery details. As I said before - in OZ and NZ they seem to be insisting on readable name on the receipt.

What if I’m just an individual with no FedEx account number, no FedEx supplies already on hand, and I need to send something pronto? Will I be okay just going to an authorized drop-off location (like Sir Speedy) or should I go to a staffed station?

Thanks for any help.

The drop off locations should have the standard envelopes, and you can usually pay cash. If you want boxes or other service, go to one of the actual fedex locations.


It’s best to get a Taiwan FedEx account if you will be shiping stuff often.

You can also ask them to come to your home or office to pick up your package, you can call them and ask them to bring you packing suppliers and airway bills.

aprimo, the same goes for you. You can also get a FedEx account number fairly quickly, just call them and talk to them.