Fedora running on the PS3 - a cruel joke?

damn, i hope this is for real

joystiq.com/2006/11/19/ps3-a … ver-again/

check out the video. it could be faked but let’s hope not.

I didn’t check the link, but I read long ago that PS3 was going to be running some form of *nix.

the ps3 can run linux. sony made a deal with yellow dog linux and the distro is already downloadable from their site. there is a function on the dashboard to partition and install linux. keep in mind that this thing is ‘locked’ anyway since it doesnt actually run on the ps3 hardware but on top of the dashboard…

check out the vid. the guy is running mario brothers on it!

Indeed, Linux will run on the PS3. Sony virtualized all the hardware. The video hardware is only accessible through the framebuffer. So no 2D/3D graphics acceleration is available, and no games will look nice under Linux. But who needs to have games run under Linux, when the machine already has really nice gaming options. One open question remains. Will I be able to run a Media Center software on that Linux, and is there enough computational power left, so I can watch movies, listen to Internet radio and all the other things I would want to do with my living room compatible media center?

Access to the BD drive, USB ports (Hook up a DVD burner, printer), Ethernet port, WLAN, Bluetooth, Audio is possible. So all that seems to be locked from direct access is the video hardware.

And the best thing, Sony wants to put all their source codes to patch the Linux Kernel for the PS3 under GPL. What’s up with that?