Feebie's in Taoyuan (Moved to New Location)

Canadian owned, Canadian style, Canadian taste, English/Chinese service
Pizza, wings, nachos, fries, panzerotti, Caesar salad, brownies, poutine coming soon… pizza sub, draft, English environment to practice your English

Feebie’s… Brick oven pizza
145 Junghua Rd in Taoyuan City (Corner of Zhonghua Road and Sanmin Road)
(03) 336-8887
Look for the brick wall out front…

i have never heard of this place, would like to check it out this weekend. Any more info on directions and how long its been open?

Zhonghua Road is the ‘computer store’ road In Taoyuan. Sanmin Road is the ring road.
It sounds as if this place is just down the road from the Sanmin McDonald’s/Morning Market area. One block down (east) from Jack Wolfskin. Close to the large old temple right next to the overpass on the road to Danan/Bade.

I will be checking this place out this weekend as well. Perhaps just prior to the [url=http://tw.forumosa.com/t/2-acres-plowed-at-70-drunk-in-taoyuan-city-april-12/43980/5 Acres Plowed Gig[/url].  Maybe I'll see some of you Taoyuan County lurkers that evening.

The other half and I checked this place out tonight. First off instead of looking for the brick wall…look for big English name on the sign. (Not hard to find).

Its been open about 2 weeks. Owner and his wife are super.

Food quality…great. We had a 9" deluxe pizza.
Pizza is thin crust, whole wheat, and a nice compliment of toppings.

Nice place, really nice to have this option for great pizza in Taoyuan.
Might be some food n drink specials in the near future, but even without, its a must try.

(There is NO corn or peas on any of thier pizza)

stopped in last night on my way to the the c&w show. met the owner, carey, and his wife, shirley (?).

had a small smoked chicken pizza (which wasn’t small) for 99NT. tasted great. they’ve got draft beer there as well, and some internet tv channels showing various footy etc.

overall rating is good, and the prices are very reasonable. i’ll try to get back there this month.

Thank-you to everyone who has visited or plans to visit our restaurant/pub. My wife Sylvia, her father and I did all of the work ourselves; from renovations to delivering excellence.
I lived in Tao Yuan for a year and a half and I sometimes really wanted great pizza after 9pm, when I finished teaching, and it was impossible in Tao Yuan.
So here we are,

We are on the corner of Sanmin Rd and Junghua rd in Tao Yuan city. If you come by train, walk out of Tao Yuan train station and go straight down Jung jeng rd. Keep to the left and you will come to an underpass… Walk down and through the underpass and you will come up to a traffic light, turn left. Walk to the end, about 5 mins., and it’s on your left.

See you then,

145 Junghua Rd.
Tao Yuan city, Taiwan
03 336 8887


Carey and Sylvia

Real Brick Oven Pizza in Taoyuan city. Thin, whole-wheat crust, quality, fresh ingredients means better pizza!!!
Walking into Feebie’s is like walking into a restaurant in Canada. We listen to English radio, we have English service, our food taste just like home and we have hockey and UFC on big screen. We can play football, rugby or whatever you want to see, so let us know ahead of time, please.

145 Zhonghua Rd.
Taoyuan city, Taiwan
03 336 8887
corner of Zhonghua Rd and Sanmin Rd, near the train station.

I am certified to handle food, so few worries about food poisoning and the kitchen is open concept, so you can see everything that goes on.

We have children’s birthday parties and I will teach them to make their own pizza. This is a great place for Taiwanese to practice their English and I can put on classes for ordering in a restaurant and restaurant etiquette lessons.

See you soon,

Carey and Sylvia at Feebie’s
Canadian style, Canadian owned and operated!!

Careyteacher wrote:

This is something I wish the pizza joints in Taipei would get. Whole-wheat crust is something I really want and can’t fine anywhere here.

Your place sounds great Careyteacher, unfortunely I am only in Taoyuan to go to the airport. To your success and hopefully opening a Taipei branch. Cheers!

Sunday brunch cancelled for now…

[quote=“careyteacher”]Sunday Brunch with Bacon & Eggs, Home-made waffles, pancakes, Omelette’s, French Toast, bottomless coffee…



We tried Sunday brunch and it did ok, but many Sunday’s we travel, so we’ll have to see for the future concerning brunch…
maybe once a month in the future, second Sunday of every month, please let me know what you think…

The Spanish Omelette is my personal favourite and the French Toast is really good as well…
Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, especially when it tastes really good with fresh coffee, so we’ll have brunch on Sunday’s for now and see how it goes.

We have great food within an English environment, so for those Taiwanese wanting to practice their English, this is the place to visit.
We will start happy hour soon, from 9 to 11 and I will let you know what the specials are and when it will start.
If you have any suggestions or requests, please give us a call or post ideas on here.



Carey McGregor @ Feebie’s in Tao Yuan city

$90 NT Draft, Buy 2 imported bottles of beer ($120nt), get one free!!
Great food, big screen, English environment

Feebie’s in Tao Yuan
145 Junghua Rd.
03 336 8887
corner of Sanmin Rd. and Junghua Rd.

I am notifying everyone that on [color=darkred]Sunday, May 25th[/color], there will be [color=darkred]no brunch[/color] due to a day trip through our restaurant. About 30 people are going ‘[color=darkred]Bungee jumping[/color]’ past Fushing or somewhere near there. We will be open regular hours, starting at 4pm, serving pizza, nachos and our regular menu.
Sorry for any inconveniences,
Call us after 4pm, Tues to Sunday for any questions, concerns or to order a head of time.

Bye for now,

Carey @ Feebie’s

Pizza is really good like others recommended. Thin-crusted & authentic tasting. Definitely a pick after work at 9 PM~

Just a question. Do you have Belgian beer there? (went with a non drinker so didn’t notice it =.=)

We don’t have Belgian beer, and I wouldn’t know where to get it at a reasonable price. We mainly have Tsindao draft, Corona and Heineken for now. We are seeking out a good dark beer, and time will tell.
How would Belgian beer sell in Tao Yuan?

We tried Sunday Brunch and it was ok, but we seem to be too busy on Sundays to continue with Brunch. We may try Sunday Brunch in the future, and we will let you know…
Sorry for any inconvenience for Sunday Brunch, but our pizza, nachos, wings, Kraft Dinner…etc. are selling very well!!
Happy Hours, Tues. to Thursday from 9pm to 11pm, $90 draft and/or buy two bottles of beer and get one free!!
Come in Tues. to Sunday, from 4 to 12
Karaoke coming soon!!!

You guys should get in touch with Maoman and organize a happy hour.


Could someone please tell me how to get in touch with Maoman? We have happy hour(s) now, it’s from 9pm to 11am, everyday except on Mondays, that’s when we are closed. $90 draft, and/or buy two bottles of Corona and/or Heineken and get one for free, $120 per bottle.