Feebie's in Taoyuan (Moved to New Location)

[quote=“careyteacher”]Could someone please tell me how to get in touch with Maoman? [color=red]We have happy hour(s) now, it’s from 9pm to 11am,[/color] everyday except on Mondays, that’s when we are closed. $90 draft, and/or buy two bottles of Corona and/or Heineken and get one for free, $120 per bottle.


[color=blue]We have happy hour(s) now, it’s from 9pm to 11am,[/color]

Strap yourself in Chief, we got ourselves a challenge.

Join our ‘facebook’. group to find out our specials, events and other things going on. facebook.com/index.php?
After signing up to facebook, or logging in, search for ‘Feebie’s Brick Oven Pizza’, and that’s all!!
We have new air con, surround sound, better picture on our big screen for sports and/or videos…

New additions to our menu:
Kraft Dinner, Mac & Cheese
Chicken strips
Cheese sticks
Chicken Caesar wrap
New Hot Sauce for our wings
Root beer, Gingerale, Budweiser, Corona, Draft
Delivery is coming VERY soon, for Taoyuan city and surrounding areas, call for more information.

If you haven’t tried our ‘famous’ pizza yet, you’ll have to give it a try. Whole wheat, thin crust, topped with fresh ingredients cooked in front of you in our open concept kitchen, using our handmade, traditional brick oven.
Some places in Taiwan claim they have the ‘best pizza in Taiwan’, but I will challenge any of them. Some places claim they have ‘brick oven pizza’, but check out their oven!
You can’t rush quality and excellence when it comes to great food done right!

We are near the train station in Taoyuan city, about a 5 to 10 minute walk or a very short taxi ride.

Feebie’s Pizza
145 Junghua Rd.
03 336 8887

Hey everyone,
Come visit our restaurant in Taoyuan city, near the train station. We serve whole wheat, thin crust pizza, topped with fresh ingredients, fired in a real brick oven!!
We also have nachos, wings, Caesar salad, BEER, HOCKEY on the big screen, a lounge area, games night with texas holdem’, X-BOX, chess, connect four or whatever you want to play.
This is a Canadian owned and operated establishment and we plan to franchise in the future.
You can eat in, take out and/or we have delivery within the area. We can cater, host private parties for groups of 30 or less for sit down.
We have 7 spots left for your group Christmas party. You can book your group Christmas party for Tuesdays and Wednesdays throughout December, up until December 24th. We will serve turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, squash, wine or whatever you request. Price depends on number of people and food you request.

From the train station in Taoyuan city, turn left at the 2nd light (Junghua Rd.) and go to the end, about a 7 minute walk. (145 Junghua Rd.) We are at the corner of Junghua Rd. and Sanmin Rd.

Friday Night Fights with UFC main events, old Mike Tyson fights, or we can throw on a hockey game on if there is no fight scheduled for that night.
Open mic night, starting Saturday, November 29th

Join our FACEBOOK group to keep up to date on special events and outings. We organize group paintball, go-karts, travel, parties, and stuff…

New Years Eve, we will be organizing a bus to Taipei. Everyone will meet at Feebie’s for something to eat and/or drink, and then off to Taipei while keeping the party going. The bus will come back to Taoyuan early in the morning, maybe 5am or so, but nothing has been confirmed yet. This will be a semi to formal event, so get out your best duds and party the night away into 2009.

Feebie’s Pizza
145 Junghua Rd.
Taoyuan city, Taoyuan Taiwan
03 1867 7685

Thank-you for your support,

Carey and Sylvia

I posted something twice, mistake

Christmas Dinner at Feebie’s 2009
A Canadian Christmas with the feeling of Christmas spirit all around.
One table set for everyone, red table cloths, Christmas center pieces, candles, flowers,and the smell of turkey in the oven!!
Christmas classics playing in the background, and of course a classic Christmas movie playing on the big screen.
Everyone has their best Christmas attire on and you can have gift exchange after dinner.
Seating will be available outside for your smoking pleasure.
Our bar will be open with bottles of South African Red available for purchase. If you prefer white wine, please let us know a head of time, thanks.

Turkey Dinner with homemade cranberry sauce
Old Fashioned Bread Stuffing
Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Baked Squash with brown sugar center
Market fresh carrots and green beans
Warmed Dinner Rolls
Apple Pie
Pumpkin Pie

$800 per person Formal Dining, minimum 8 persons per reservation, please
South African Cabernet Sauvignon $400 per bottle

Shots $120nt
Draft $100nt
Taiwan Beer Tall Boys $150nt
Flaming Doctor Peppers $200nt
Spicy Vodka Caesar $200nt

Feebie’s Christmas
145 Junghua Rd.
Taoyuan city, Taiwan
Tuesdays and Wednesdays throughout December until Dec. 23rd.
If you can’t have a party on those days, call us and we can discuss details.
Private Parties of at least min. 10 to max. 20 comfortably for sit down dinner, please.
(Our regular food menu will not be available during private parties and closed to the general public)
03 336-8887 for reservations
Carey’s cell 09 1867 7685

I’ve visited Feebies twice already and I think their pizza and pasta are great. I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and friendly service. Nice work, Carey!

I’m putting together a page about Taoyuan here:


Have your Valentines dinner with us at Feebie’s, with a close friend or a group. We’re all friends at Feebie’s.

2 Fresh Caesar Salads
Lg. 1 topping brick oven pizza
Brownie dessert with two spoons
2 glasses of South African red wine


Please call for reservations

Feebie’s Canadian Place
145 Junghua Rd.
Taoyuan city, Taiwan
03 336 8887
near the Taoyuan train station, 5 min. walk

Happy Valentines

Feebie’s is relocating to just down the street, same side and closer to Sanmin Rd. We are at 145 Junghua Rd. now, and we will be moving to 155 Junghua Rd., so it’s very close, but so much better!!
Our new place is much bigger, 3 floors with the first floor being the restaurant with bar, second floor will be a pub with a stage for a band, dj, open mic or whatever the night brings… We will complete the first floor, then move on the second floor, then when we are rolling nicely I will build a personal health club with heavy bag and MMA training on third floor.
We will be out of our present location by March 31 and starting business in our new place on April 7th, after Spring scream in Kenting.
Sylvia and I are doing ALL of the work ourself, so thank-you for being patient and sorry for any inconveniences, if there are any.

Feebie’s II will be the place to be in Taoyuan city with new menu items, a bigger, hotter beautiful brick oven at the front, live entertainment… and so much more!

Thank-you for your support!

Carey and Sylvia at Feebie’s

Feebie’s II
155 Junghua Rd.
Taoyuan city
03 336 8887