Feebie's Pizza & Pub in Taoyuan - Food & Service

Feebie’s is moving to a new location. There are 2 floors of possibilities with the first floor being the restaurant with bar, 2nd floor will be a western style pub with a stage for a band, dj, or open mic…
We plan on being open for business at our new location on April 8th with minor construction still underway. After completing the first floor, we will move up to the second floor to work on the pub. This is a work in progress, and after being open for a year at our present location, Feebie’s is becoming very well known around the island.
The all new and improved brick oven is now being built and we will also have a barbeque for hamburgers and other grilled foods.

Sylvia and I thought about opening a pizza place in 2005, we moved to Canada and continued talking about our idea.
In March 2008, Feebie’s one was under construction with Sylvia, myself and her father doing ALL of the work. We gutted the interior and started from scratch from floor to ceiling, as we are doing with Feebie’s 2. Sylvia learned to lay bricks and lots of D.I.Y. type stuff.
Our new location will have a Brazilian feel starting from the entrance. I lived in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2000 and loved every second of it. With our brick oven at the front, our restaurant should have a very warm feel to it.

Lots going on right now, so stop in our present location, or we’ll see you at our new location, just down the street towards Sanmin Rd. on the same side.

Feebie’s Pizza & Pub II
155 Zhonghua Rd.
Taoyuan city, Taiwan
03 336 8887

Canadian owned, Canadian operated and Canadian certified to handle food.


Come in for the best pizza in Taiwan!!

Carey McGregor at Feebie’s

I visited Feebie’s Pizza II last week with some friends and had a great time. The service is friendly and the food is excellent. Terrific pizza. If you’re in Taoyuan, you should definitely pay them a visit.

I had another great meal at Feebie’s this evening. They’ve added some new homemade salsa to their nachos, which was wonderful. Also, they’re now offering deep dish pizza as well as thin crust. Pay them a visit next time you’re in Taoyuan!

Feebie’s pizzas are OK, not great, but OK for Taoyuan. Ottimo’s in Longtan do a better job though, as prices are lower relative to what you actually get and both pizzas and service is better. There’s another place with an open fireplace in Longtan, which are roughly as Ottimo’s.

What Feebies should improve would for starters be the shape of their pizzas, where I come from or usually go do, the 1 person pizzas are round. The one I got was somewhere between round and square.

Their hamburgers though are a disgrace. The not watered out onion pieces were cut so thick that my missus got tears in her eyes from eating the burger, the but was the usual Taiwanese sugary stuff, and overall a better burger can be had at Mickey D’s. She was not happy, and I got the point once she showed me an onion slice a bit more than half an inch thick.

That said, I would not really blame the owner for that, he was busy with the oven in the front, whereas it was the serving girls in the back making the burgers, fries etc.

Also, when you are charging more than the average local eateries for your food, you should decorate your restaurant a bit. Old mismatched furniture and light bulbs in different colors, no complete dinner experience makes. I would suggest a trip to Ikea if you want western ambience on the cheap, however put in a style of some kind, it will be a huge improvement.

Also specialize, when you are doing pizza with an oven, leave not good burgers to the competition and either do them well, or not at all. A small menu well done works better than a big one where bits and pieces are not executed well.

So this is where ‘you’re a bad person’ attitude started in this thread… Now where did this come from? This guy or whomever, has never been to our place, and has never met me, but knows everything about us, mmmmm, that’s rediculous!
I haven’t written anything lately anywhere concerning anything but my own business, and now I am getting bashed from competitors and their little possy, but why now? Is it because I did an hour tv show that also advertised Feebie’s? It seems people are writing things about me and Feebie’s, and who knows if they have ever met me or been to our place…?
Doesn’t this make Alleycat’s look bad, when it’s obvious that most who are bashing me are friends or investors of Alleycat’s, when I have said nothing bad about them, ever!!?
Yes, our pizzas are not totally round because they are hand rolled every time! Our dough isn’t frozen, isn’t pre-prepared, it’s always fresh, as with every ingredient in our restaurant. I don’t want our pizzas to be ‘round’, or ‘square’, but when someone orders a 12" pizza, they get bigger. Our pizzas have a whole wheat base, and that’s all we offer for health reasons. I ask everyone I make a pizza for if it’s ok, and the customers I have talked to love it everytime!!
We do need to decorate more, and I will be bringing some more things from Canada to make Feebie’s a better place to visit visually. Again, my wife and I started with borrowed money, and we have come along ways.
Again, I have been in Canada for three weeks, and my wife is running our restaurant herself, with some help. She is doing very well, especially when hospitality is fairly new to her, about 1.5 years.
The thick onion on the burger, note taken, and I mentioned this issue to my wife so it doesn’t happen again.
Being in Canada, I had time to get away from the business, take a step back and evaluate things… My wife and I have been so busy, working 7 days a week, doing absolutely everything for this new business, it’s over whelming, but we love it!! It’s coming to the point where people are interested in franchising, so we’ll see.
An onion cutter, only 15k, right! Thanks for the suggestion, but that’s not in our budget at this time.
We have several regulars, Taiwanese and foreigners, business people, pilots, university students, engineers, birthday parties, we are doing ok and getting busier.

Thank-you for those who have visited our place in Taoyuan city, and for those who assume things from reading things on Forumosa, an assumtion is the mother of all f@*k-ups.

[quote=“bobl”]Carey, I have not had your food, nor have I ever met you. But, I must say that as someone that comes on a website, to promote their food and business, I would likely give your place a miss.

You may be the greatest cook that ever graced Taiwan, I don’t know, but your people skills really bite. Food service is a compound phrase. Notice there are are two words in it, FOOD and SERVICE, you must have both to succeed. One should reference EddieBurrito on this site to get an idea of how to go about. Now I live way too far down south to go there, but I would WANT to go, if not just to meet Jo and Eddie, who come off as some really great people, and who receive nothing but praise from their Mexican food competition.

Thats right, I said their competition praises them… WOW, what a concept.

SOME OF YOUR BEST BUSINESS, and your best recommendations, come from other people in the industry.

Get a clue.[/quote]

I finally got around to visiting Feebie’s last night. I commend Carey for taking what was an empty store front and turning it into a clean and decent establishment. This is something doubly commendable considering the forces of the local surroundings and people are sometimes working against you (something observed first hand last night, but I digress). I’m amazed at the work that went into his kitchen. The oven is a work to behold.

The reception I got there was friendly, personal and I’d even say warm. Carey does know his business and the little things he does show his training in this regard. I highly recommend the place.

I’ve been to Feebie’s several times and have always enjoyed the pizza. It’s a good place to have some healthy pizza, enjoy some beers and watch some local musicians. They have a guitar there that you can just pick up and play, which is really great for me, being a local musician. It’s not a multi-million dollar chain restaurant with with lightning-fast service and amazing decor, but it’s great for what it is - a newer business run by a couple. It’s been improving since I first started going and will probably continue to improve. It’s a little expensive, but as a customer, I would rather support a business that encourages spontaneous live music and healthy pizza than save three or four bucks.