Feedback on KRBO TV ?



I have 500M/30M internet at home thru KRBO . It seems that it is also possible to get TV and HDTV, can anyone could give me a feedback on that ?
Is it working well ?
Are most international channels in English ?
Most recommended package ?

Is there also a secutiry system, anyone here using that ?

Thank you


Most English channels are news oriented. The most expensive package (1,000 NT) would give you an array of HBO movie channels, FOX movie channel, MTV, E! and HGTV…

If you want TV series, you might as well just get Netflix.


And getting dated stuff?


As opposed to paying 1000 bucks to get HGTV… I’d be ok with old stuff.

You don’t want to get edgy shows like game of thrones through cable TV here in Taiwan anyway… they cut out all the good parts in Singapore before piping it to Taiwan.


Thank you,

I was more interested in National Geographic, Discovery channels and this type of things but in English and if prices were reasonable. Actually, I went yesterday to Chungwa Telecom for my cellphone and they told me that if I had Cable Internet with them, we could get a TV package for free or very cheap so since I am with KRBO for my Internet cable, I wondered what their offer was.

TV series and movies can easily be streamed for free anyway so unless they would be available in HD, I am not so interested. I tried Netflix here but was disappointed by quality and selection.


They don’t actually cut Game of Thrones etc. They don’t have time to do so with TV shows that are shown at the same time as the US. The HBO TV shows are shown as is.

However, they certainly cut the bejesus out of any movies on HBO to the point they are completely unwatchable.


On cable and MOD they even blur century old paintings and statues, hiding uh, you know what.


Perhaps things have changed, but when I was still following GOT (I watched until season 4), most nudity were cut when aired here in Taiwan.

In fact there are plenty of complains about this online. There’s even news articles about this back in 2015.

The news article specifically wrote that it was HBO Asia in Singapore that cut those scenes out, and refused to comment why they didn’t just blur the screen instead.

I know they made changes because I watched both versions and was shocked by HBO Asia cutting scenes filled with dialogue that are important to the plot simply because the characters weren’t fully clothed. For GOT it was very confusing.