Feline Immigration

Our cat, originally an ROC national but now living in the US for nearly 2 years, has expressed the desire to return to the island when we move back this summer.

I’ve seen varying ideas on what needs to be done so he can re-enter Taiwan, and I’ve also e-mailed the quarantine people directly in Chinese but received no answer. (Maybe I’m losing more Chinese ability than I thought?? )

Anyway, can anyone give me a definitive answer as to the requirements for cats to enter the ROC from the US? (quarantine period, cost, documents needed, etc.) I am pretty sure he needs to have had a rabies shot more than 30 days but less than 1 year from date of entry, as well as a health exam by a vet within 30 days of entry…


The place to look is…


That is if you can read Chinese. If you can’t
let me know and I’ll get a summary for you.


Thanks. I’ll check it out.


For the US, you want

The other URL is for “rabies-free” countries, and the US is not on that list.

The quarantine period appears to be 21 days, but could be extended if the animal shows signs of illness. This assumes that the animal has entered with a valid immunization certificate and health certificate, and an application form was filed with the appropriate office 3 weeks prior to entry, including 4 copies of a 4x6 color photo of the cat.

Looks like he can go…now to find the form!


Originally posted by ironlady: For the US, you want [url=http://www.baphiq.gov.tw/animalQuarantine/inoutanimal/animalp2-7a.htm]http://www.baphiq.gov.tw/animalQuarantine/inoutanimal/animalp2-7a.htm[/url] Terry

Good Point!

I have two cats, native to Taiwan. The thought of putting them in quarantine for 21 days would scare me…at least for one of the cats. Some animals don’t survive the period of captivity.

I’ve known several people who have worked through a local Vet to lessen the lenght of their sentence.

Good Luck,

quote[quote] I've known several people who have worked through a local Vet to lessen the lenght of their sentence. [/quote]

We’re going to be bringing our cats over in about a month. How did your friends get a vet to help them get out of jail early? I’m sure my feline friends would love a get out of jail sooner card!