Female Gynaecologist

I was living in Hong kong before and now I’m new to Taipei. English speaking female gynaecologists in HK were hard to find and let alone good ones. Wondering if the same thing happens here. Please help? I would love to hear from your experiences or recommendations. Thank you!

02 3393 2211

This is my gynecologist (after many tries). They have female doctors depending on the schedule. I usually see the guy (who is not pervy at all and he speaks good English.) but I have seen female doctor once. I told her it’s okay to speak Mandarin, so I don’t know if she feels comfortable speaking English, but she understands English for sure and we didn’t have any troubles communicating.

I know this is not exactly what you are looking for, but they are very nice to their patients. Most doctors in Taiwan, based on my experience, don’t really care about the well-being of their patients. If you are just concerned about finding English speaking, female doctors, many doctors are well educated enough to speak English.

I go to the Adventists` Priority Care Center. Dr. Ling was trained in the US. Fluent in English and Spanish.

I really like Taiwan Adventist Hospital for everything. Clean and modern. I’m having some dental work done there, and I hear it is more expensive than the other hospitals. Still a good deal.

The Priority Care Center is outside of NHI, so it is even more expensive. However, as you say, the cleanliness and service is well worth it.

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I’ve just starting going to TAH. I’m not sure if I am using the Priority Care Center or not. How do I know? They still take my insurance card.

Then no. The PCC is separate from NHI. It is also housed in a separate area, second floor, close to normal Gynecology. You have to make an appointment first.

Plus your bill will be a lot higher. Service is in your language -English, Japanese, etc.

Wow! Super useful information. Thank you all!

I use TaiAn for everything too, and I paid something like 200 NT for a dental cleaning last month (I think the total cost was 1200, with 1000 being covered by the NHI).

That said, I feel like I’m being herded as quickly as possible no matter what doctor I get (have been through ENT, pediatrics, gyno, mammography, and a dentist now). But at least it’s easy to book an appointment online, and it feels legit being at a major hospital (instead of the ubiquitous little clinics you find on every street). The doctors I’ve had generally understand English but prefer speaking in Mandarin if they can…