Female Recruits from Around the World

That reminds me of another one I saw recently: :wink:

Nice try, bub, actually if you look closely, you’ll see that 914’s ladyfriend is miffed that I’m not checking the goods, but rather enjoying the scintillating conversation of whoever that other young lady is…

Hot Red CHinese babes for AC & cctang


And their make-up is…perfect!

[quote=“TainanCowboy”]Hot Red Chinese babes for AC & cctang


Or should that be Red Hot Chinese babes??
Either or, I guess…
Nothing like a hot Commie chick…Oh baby, denounce me! Yeah!!!

Spank me with that Little Red Book Baby![/color] :moon: :roflmao: :smiley:

Germany has the best ones of course:

OK OK, our contribution to the WOT is not really scary:

Damned, I am glad I told them I had this olive-greeen allergy those days (who can carry that):