Female Taiwan entertainer Ting Hsiao-chin a wanted criminal

Didn’t show up for jail after conviction for selling fake designer bags.

A lot of people get entitled when they have fame and money

21/2-year jail term

21/2? Why not just say 10.5 years? Why they gotta make the article into a maths question? Though that’s pretty harsh for selling fake stuff.

Another Tango42 topic saved!


“She was briefly a singer who released two albums in 1999 and also known for once dating boy band 5566’s Tony Sun.”

I’m not sure even Tony Sun know who this girl is!

2.5 years😂


Then they gotta put in a space or use 2.5 or use the half symbol ½ or even write out the number in words! Terrible grammar. 0/10 see me after class, Straits Times!


Why’s it 2.5 years? 10.5 months is just under 0.9 of a year. Or am I missing something?

From the local press, last year:

From the local press, 25th inst.:

I don’t think the people writing or reading that article is expected to do any maths. You and Marco is too intelligent

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2 and 1/2
2and 1/2

How is her name written in Chinese?
停小警? :rofl:

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