Feng Bin/shitiping/chinpu beaches and camping

Hey there!

I’m wanting to stay at Feng Bin/ Fong Bin/ Feng Pin along the east coast and then head inland to rafting! Does anyone know how the beach is there and if there are any campsites (or patch of grass with nice see view :wink: ).

Failing that, how are the beaches/camping at Shitiping or Chinpu and is there any buses that travel from these towns to Ruisui where the rafting is? Do you know the name of that bus company?

Thanks alot!


Hey all,

I’m plannin a lil trip down the east coast and have no idea where a good camping spot is between Taroko and Ruisui, preferably somewhere where that’s not too packed by the masses

thanx :laughing:

By far the best way to find a good camping spot (if you have your own transport that is) is to veer of the main roads and find an empty field or forested area. Also, most public schools have no problem with people camping in their grounds (and using their toilets) as long as when the students are roaming around you are not in your underwear drunk - please do not push their goodwill…

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