Ferry to HK/Macau?

Has anybody travelled by sea to Hong Kong?

I think it might be fun to make a visa run to HK by ship instead of flying. I already know about the Okinawa run from Keelung but that won’t work for me this time.

How about any ferry or ship that has regularly scheduled trips from either Keelung or Kaohsiung to Hong Kong or Macau? Any information on fares, schedules, etc will be very appreciated.

BTW, has anybody on this forum ever caught a freighter in Taiwan and sailed off to the US west coast? Or anywhere else for that matter.


There used to be a large ferry called the Macmosa that sailed from Gaoxiong to Macau for around NT$2,000, taking about a day. I took it once, and the food was awful and no cabins…just bunks. Of course, this was about 12 years ago at least, so I don’t know if it is still operating. I would be interested in finding out, though.