Few dents and scratches


anyone can give me an estimate of how much to repair this? was backing up then scratched against the wall really good!!! man it sucks even happened exactly after 1 month of owning the car. oh well I hope the labor is cheap here

Labour is cheap, but I’d do what everyone else does and just wait until there’s a good many more dents and scratches than that, then get 'em all done at once. This is Taiwan and trust me, those dings are just the first of MANY! At least you have the satisfaction of knowing that you put them there yourself – it’s when you return to your parked car and find a whole new set of bashes and scratches that you get REALLY pissed off. Until the fourth or fifth time it happens. Then you just shrug your shoulders and maybe have a mild swear to yourself.

whatever you do, shop around a little.

something like putting a window back on it’s tracks varies in price from $200 NT to $1600 …

caveat emptor and all that.

What Sandy said. Wait until someone hits you and then do all the damage on one claim. You get all the work on two adjacent sides done on each claim… like the back and left side, or the front and right side. Just hope that whoever hits you first gets you on that side. If by some freak of fate noone hits you in the next 11 months (pretty unlikely) you can claim all the repairs at the end of the year and it’s much easier to deal with.

If it makes you feel any better, I had had my Subie for 13 days when my wife put a scratch on it. :unamused: It wasn’t as bad as yours though. :s

thanks for the advice I will just wait and see…hmmm I guess for now I will just use touch up paint on those 2 scratches. Man I can’t even remember the last time I scratch/hit my car…oh well it’s all good

I have heard that for between NT$15K and NT$30K Taiwan body shops can fix all dents and scratches and repait just about any car imported or not. Check around for some quotes.

That’s not worth doing just yet. To have it done properly, they repaint the complete panel, no matter the size of the scratch; looks like you have scratches on 3 or 4-$$$. Get some matching touch-up paint from your dealer or a body shop. It will show, but for a few little scratches like that, I wouldn’t bother with the expense of a repaint just yet.

ironfist, I can help you if you live in Taipei. :wink:

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ok I think I will just fix the rear right door’s dent…out of my own pocket I guess…so I can save bigger damage for insurance, my question is do I have to go to dealer to let them do it or any decent shop can do it and match the paint ok?

[quote=“Nonsequitur”]ironfist, I can help you if you live in Taipei. :wink:

PM me if you do.[/quote]

No, no, he wants his car done. :stuck_out_tongue:

haha no I live in Kaohsiung it’s too far…appreciate theoffer tho