Fibre Installation


Anyone familiar with fibre installation here in Taitung? My husband who is Taiwanese but knows nothing about anything internet related cannot get anyone at the ISP companies to understand what I want.

I want FTTH with an ONT with more than one LAN connection. I also want to use my own router with no backdoor access by the ISP.

They are all trying to sell my husband different packages with cable TV or MOD. We do not even watch TV.

The problem is I know what I want, I am the tech savvy person in our family,but I cannot speak Chinese and my husband cannot get the right message across.

Does anyone know of an ISP here in Taitung that has an English support service?

Thank you in advance.

I’m not sure if available in Taitung, but pop your address in to this form to find out if it’s available. They’ll give you a call back, with a bit of luck someone that speaks some English. Otherwise - in my case - give your partner a list of questions to ask

For my case, they said FTTx was unavailable because there was no fibre on the street let alone in to the building. Most fibre services here have to be preinstalled in to the building, which is usually only very new builds

Also if your building already has FTTP, the building manager may be able to hook you up with the supplier

As for equipment - no idea. Another question to put for your partner to ask them