Fiddle, Bluegrass and Old-Timey Music in Taiwan

Greetings All!

This is to let anyone interested in the traditional musics of America that there is now a group that has formed that meets and plays Old Timey and Bluegrass music twice a month in Tai-pei. For our meeting time and dates see our Yahoo Group (URL below).We also have other activities planned in the future (dances, classes, etc.).

All are welcome, just to listen and/or play some music!

Check out our website :

Also check out our Yahoo Group: … bluegrass/

Bluegrass! Cool!

I don’t have any musical talent or ability… but love listening. I love bluegrass… the Dillards, Tut Taylor, Flatt and Scruggs, and I love the bluegrass played by my favorite guitarist-banjo player (Jerry Garcia) and some of his bluegrass ventures, like Old and in the Way (with Vasser Clements) and Not for Kids Only…

In fact, one reason that the Grateful Dead, always bucking the trend, allowed fans to record their concerts, is that when Jerry Garcia was going to bluegrass festivals in his youth, the practice of recording the music was permitted and even encouraged.

I’ll try to make it to a gathering.

Cool. So where and when do you meet?

The next meeting/ jam session will be on Saturday Nov.2 at CKS Memorial Park. We will meet at 2 pm at the foot of one of the big pillars of the Main Gate (across from the actual memorial), and then go somewhere else to play.

All of this information, information concerning upcoming jams and other events, and other stuff can be found at our Yahoo group.

The website address is : … bluegrass/

Mark it in your bookmarks/favorites folder or join the group to receive updates on our activities and other cool stuff as well.

Take Care and hope to see you out.

Hi all,

Just a reminder concerning this saturday’s meeting at 2 p.m. . We will meet at the foot of the pillars (ie the main gate [I think it is technically on Zhongshan South Road]) across from the actual memorial. If it is
raining then we will meet at the same time at the top of the stairs
of the concert hall. Lets hope we get nice weather. By the way, feel
free to bring food and drink of your own liking.

Hope to see any interested folk out!

see you all there tomorrow.
Our website is basically done now, some pics and general information and a link to our yahoo group for more details:

Banjo boy,
Had a great time listening to you guys play at Da an park and Shida last Saturday. Hope you are able to get a few more members and get a proper ensemble together and do some gigs. Keep on jammin!

Greetings all!

This Saturday we will be having our first Jam for the month of April (our jams take place on the first and third saturday of every month).

It will take place at:

Citizen Cain, #67 DongFong St. (Next Street south of Ren’ai on Dunhua (02) 2706 2162).

We will start around 4:30, and everybody is welcome to play or listen. Later in the evening (if there is interest) we will relocate to Da-an park for some pizza, beer and music. Hope to see some new faces out!

Call 0932 038 849 for directions or other information.

Hey Everyone,

Our regular jam is going on this Saturday at The Pig (aka The Pig and Whistle) in Tien Mu. For those not familiar with it - the address is: No. 78 Tienmu E. Road. The closest MRT stop is Ming De on the red line.

We’re starting at 4:00 pm (and going until the wee hours).
As usual, all are welcome: musicians, admirers, groupies,
first-timers, dancers, singers and of course lovers. Tell your
friends! Let’s get a bunch of people coming down for our first jam at
the Pig.

Come down early and grab a drink and some food.

Hope to see some new (and old) faces out this week.

p.s. - Our Yahoo group address for those interested: … bluegrass/


This was a GREAT jam session. A few new faces and some old ones. On second thought, mine was the only “OLD” face that was there. The rest are young and vital. Anyway, The Pig treated us GREAT. Good food, good drinks and an appreciative audience. Our host, Michael, is the greatest. I missed some of the regulars but I know you’ll make it next time. I’m a newbie turning out for these jams, and a groupie at best, but if you are looking for some “down home” music you really need to turn up at the jam and play, just listen, sing along, or, hell, just drink beer with me. It’s a great time. I’ll even buy the first beer for a newcomer. Ask for Alan. See you at the Pig at No. 78 E. TienMu on August 2 starting at 4:00 pm. If you show up after about 8:30pm we might be downstairs. Just ask directions from any waiter or bartender. Hope to see you there.

Yes, I’m aware that these posts are five years old, but I figured that it was worth a shot. I play banjo, guitar, and bones (yes, bones.) If you’re in the Taipei area and would like to get together and play, that would be great!


Have you checked out the Muddy Basin Ramblers yet?

I know that they’re around and like their music, but I’ve never had the pleasure of playing with them. I’ve never seen them play casually - only big gigs - but if I can get in contact with them, I’ll get my suit pressed.

Is that feller who had the online store, I apologize but his name slips me right now, still around?

Seems like he would be interested in this.

[quote=“TainanCowboy”]Is that feller who had the online store, I apologize but his name slips me right now, still around?

Seems like he would be interested in this.[/quote]

You mean that yeehaw feller, proto_tw.

I’m also interested in this, btw, although my spare time is limited, to say the least.

Yeah…thats him.


zhuge, you might want to PM him about this thread.

Sounds like something he’d like to know about.

Hi there,

I am one of the original members of TOBMA (Taiwan Old-Time and Bluegrass Music Association), and I am still interested in playing some old timey music with all y’all. I am in Taipei, and haven’t had much contact with anyone recently. Dave Chen from the Ramblers did play with us quite a bit when we met regularly, but these days that hasn’t happened since I have been back in Taiwan. Actually, quite a few members have left Taiwan since we were active, but it would be great to get the group going again.

I play old time , clawhammer banjo and fiddle (though my fiddle is out of commission right now) as well as guitar. I can manage on most Bluegrass tunes as well. What style of banjo do you play??

Take care,


For those who don’t know, Noel has been using these noise devices for quite some time. I remember he told me about that fellow Jake Mccraken (?)

Noel, Ever know a fellar they called Trash?

Hey there. You sure it wasn’t Jake Krack I was talking about? Or perhaps I was talking about Jake Krack and gave you the wrong name? A talented youngster whose parents made him play at all the festivals? He is not so young anymore and this is his website : . It seems everyone has a website these days, even old time fiddlers!! Hmmm, I still haven’t quite figured out who you are though, have to give me a few more hints than that.

Bye for now,


Sorry, as for Trash, I have been talked Trash to, been called trash, and many other forms of garbage, but as for someone with the actual moniker of Trash, no I don’t believe I have had the pleasure of meeting such a fellow. Is he in Taiwan? Should I know him? What does he play? Let me know and if so maybe we could hook up.

See ya,