Fiddle, mandolin, and bass player needed

Stand-up Bass… (wishful thinking I know, but worth a shot – electric bass will do)
what do you play?

Don’t know if this is the right place to post this stuff. But we need the above mentioned musicians for a “bluegrass/country/drinking/folk/whatever else you can bring to the band” project.

Presently we are 1 banjo player, 1 guitar player, and 1 who plays guitar, harmonica or drums depending on the song.

We ain’t masters, but by no means slouches either. To join you must be simply easy-going, relatively skilled, but most importantly dedicated to learning your instrument and the songs and style of music we’re gonna do. we’re patient folks.

Usually do 2 marathon jams a week. looking to start playing gigs soon.

pm me or respond to this post if you or anyone you know is itchin to get in on some music.

Every Thursday night at Citizen Cain is open jam night.
This might be a good place to meet like-minded people.

Citizen Cain
Dong Fong St. #67

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Good luck.

I’ve been playing bluegrass mandolin for over 20 years. Would be happy to come and jam with you sometime. I am flexible for playing gigs, too, if that ever happens. I can play upright bass too, but don’t have one here YET!

There are some other folks here you should meet too. Go to Yahoo groups and search under “Taiwan Bluegrass”. You will find our new Taiwan Old Timey and Bluegrass club’s group page. (Sorry, I don’t remember the url.) This is a group of musicians who met through Oriented and Segue. We get together twice a month (at least) for jams. We have fiddle, mandolin, guitar, and banjo players among the people who usually show up. The next jam will be this Saturdayafternoon. The place is not decided yet, but I’ll post it back here by tomorrow afternoon.

You can also reach me by private e-mail for more info. Glad to know there are more pickers around. Hope to meet you soon.

If the forums are down, I won’t be able to post the jam time and locations here. Please check … bluegrass/

Old Timey, Bluegrass, and related jam session at Citizen Cain, #67 DongFong St. (Next Street south of RenAi on TunHua (02) 2706 2162). Saturday, january 18, starting at 4:00 p.m… Everybody is welcome to play or listen.

Call 0932 038 849 for directions or other information.

Thanks archinasia and Muffin,

Arch, you may have met our banjo player before – I think he went along to jam with the Bluegrass club once. Regardless, I’ll try and come ny CK on Saturday. Perhaps, if you’ve been playing bluegrass mandolin for 20 years, we might be a little slow fer your speed, but no harm in testing the waters. take care

The jam tomorrow won’t start until 5:00 or so. When I called back to confirm with Citizen Cain, they had decided to open a little later tomorrow.