Fidel Castro resigns from Cuba party leadership

Major news in Cuber…(Jack Kennedy joke)

[quote]Fidel Castro resigns from Cuba party leadership
(AFP) – 1 hour ago

HAVANA — Fidel Castro confirmed he had resigned from the top leadership of the Cuba Communist Party in an article published on Tuesday, after the party approved a raft of economic reforms.

“Raul knew that I would not accept a formal role in the party today,” Castro said in an article on the portal, referring to his brother Raul and his own absence from the party’s new Central Committee, elected on Monday.

Castro, 84, had served as first secretary in the Central Committee of the party – which underpins the country’s Communist government – since the party’s creation in 1965.

Fidel said he had handed over the functions of the party head to Raul when he ceded power to his brother because of his own declining health in 2006, though he retained the first secretary title…(excert)[/quote]
Raul is the hardliner in the family…just in case you were wondering.

At the press conference…

When last seen, Fidel was…

…Miami bound!..or maybe Nicaragua…

amazing he can still get out of bed hes so old.

Some follow-up on the changes in Cuba.

[quote]Cuba’s party congress agrees to allow private property
“Cuba says it will allow people to buy and sell their homes for the first time since the communist revolution in 1959.
For the past 50 years, Cubans have only been allowed to pass on their homes to their children, or to swap them through a complicated and often corrupt system.
The move was decided during the first congress held by the ruling Communist Party in 14 years, aimed at breathing new life into the communist system.
No details were given on how the new property sales could work.”…[/quote]
Wait until the families of the Cuban exiles holding the deeds to property return to the island. This promises to be a lawyers’ field day. Well, the lawyers who understand what a murderous parasite Che’ baby really was.


[quote]Cuban communists approve landmark econ reforms
"The reforms represent the biggest changes to Cuba’s struggling, Soviet-style economy in decades and are aimed at securing the future of socialism in one of the world’s last communist states.

The congress’ approval had been widely expected because some of the reforms, such as allowing more self-employment and leasing of state land to private farmers, are already in place.

The reforms include slashing more than a million government jobs over the next few years, cutting subsidies, encouraging more private initiative, giving more autonomy to state companies, encouraging more foreign investment and reducing state spending.

Under President Raul Castro’s plan, which included more than 300 reforms, one of the trademark features of the paternalistic socialist system – the universal monthly food ration – will be gradually phased out for those who do not need it.

Castro said on Saturday the ration given all Cubans since 1963 had become an “unsupportable burden” for the cash-short government trying to rationalize its finances.

Cuba spends heavily on food imports, but hopes to increase food production by decentralizing agriculture and increasing the role of private farmers."[/quote]
So, the ‘new’ communist regime looks to Capitalism to save it sinking socialist/progressive/communist ass.

Looks like they’re figuring it out…socialism/progressiveism/communism just doesn’t work.

We’ve got to watch those red bastards. They’re working with the Russians.