Field trip ideas in Taipei

I think that we are all in agreement that the kids out here have too much damned school. Summer is for fun and not for more school. However, that’s not how it is out here so we can do our best as teachers to give the kids a break in their summer classes, while continuing their education.

I’m looking for ideas for good field trips around Taipei. I’ve done trips over the past 3 years, and the kids really enjoy it. We spend time preparing and talking about the experience after. Please submit any interesting places that you may know of for myself and other teachers to make the summer more interesting for our kids.


Ing Ge - Pottery town, make your own bowls and vases. Play with mud!

Bali - Big water park (well, big for Taiwan. Better than the slide with a hose at the top of it that I went to the first year)

Baishawan Beach - Shimen - Collect seashells, build sandcastles, water games. Just make sure that you plan any water activities before ghost month. I made that mistake last year, got the kids all psyched up to go to the beach, and then 80% of the parents said that their kids couldn’t go near the water for ghost month cause the ghosts will pull them under and eat them or some crazy bullshit like that. Man were my kids sad. Also, sunblock, sunblock, sunblock. Not just cause of skin cancer, but if any of your kids come back with a tan (gasp!!) or a sunburn their parents will pull them out of any outdoor activities in the future.

Science museum

Imax theatre

Seriously, any other ideas will be great. Let’s let these kids have some fun like kids are supposed to during the summer.


Kenn Loewen