FIERCE little kittens!

Ever seen a kitten hiss, spit, claw and just act like a freaked out little berserker? I’m not talkin’ cats here – just tiny little kittens, 8-9 weeks old. Holy cow!

We found these two little orange and white kittens (our 10th and 11th rescued and/or fostered kittens just this year), about the size of a hot dog and bun, hiding behind the buckets and brooms in the courtyard behind our apartment building on Saturday, and since they were big enough to have been weaned already, we rescued them, but DANG, were these lil’ fellers fierce! :astonished:

Four days later, they seem to be getting more accustomed to people. One now lets me pick it up without any complaint, and is starting to be curious, but the other still hisses and sometimes does that Ack!*%$@ spitting thing, although if I distract it with one hand I can pick it up from behind with the other, and can then put it on my belly, chest or arm, where it remains somewhat passive and lets me pet it. I think the first is ready to be adopted out, while the 2nd needs another week or more. There’s already someone lined up to take them, happily.

[color=#0000BF]I’m just posting this to see what experiences others have had with fierce kittens[/color], how long it took them to adjust, what techniques, if any, you have for helping calm them and get them socialized, and what, if any, long-term maladjustment there has been.

Back home, we had one female cat who got pregnant by a wild cat. Boy, what came out of that was fierce. Never tamed. As a matter of fact, they left us as soon as they could. But they were obviously different color/shape/etc. Never seen one of those here in Taiwan.

My own devils were older when they settled in my home, took several years to calm down. They will still hiss and spat but never lash out. I guess they have some kind of childhood trauma, teh poor things. They feel a bit insecure and need a lot of loving to melow out. But it works out in teh end.

I used food and example to help them socialize. Treats to reward/keep them calm. They wouldn’t allow me to touch them, for instance, so I gave them a treat every time they did. Then they discovered they loved being combed. Now it’s non-stop. But it helps us bond. Also, they see the otehr cats. They see all is well, teh brush will not kill them, for example.

I’ve been handling these two every day. One is sociable now; the other still hisses and merely tolerates me. I guess it will take some time.

[quote=“Dragonbones”]I’ve been handling these two every day. One is sociable now; the other still hisses and merely tolerates me. I guess it will take some time.
Why did you put them in the oven? No wonder they’re hissing.

Yes, I’ve seen that. I had a momma kitty who was pretty wild when she came to live with me. She’d been treated badly by some other humans. It took her almost a year to really accept me, but man, from day one, she really loved my kid. (Which is why she came to live with me.) She’d play with him, taking all he could dish out, and never acted upset with him, never offered to hurt him at all.

Then she got pregnant by the local bad boy. He was a wild cat with no home. The kittens were very fierce as you describe, with both my boy and I, and it didn’t help that she was so protective of them. She’d let me handle them, but it stressed her a lot. However, the more I handled them, the tamer they became. They’d still hiss or spit if you came up on them unexpectedly, but they were all hiss and no scratch. They were really very sweet kittens.

Where else was I gonna put 'em? We’re up to our necks in kittens!!!

I turned the oven off first, honest!