FIFA World Cup 2018



Tomorrow is going to be a sleepy day but I am sure staying up for today’s match will be worth it…unless Brazil wins. Then I will regret it all day, among cups and cups of coffee.


So you are definitely not from Brazil, for those people who wonder about your Old Country… :slight_smile:


Somewhere south of the Rio Grande and north of the Panama Canal.


I’m not going to stay awake until 4:00AM, I’ll read it tomorrow in the paper, Japan or Belgium!


Icon is an Eskimo who is larping as a South American. She named her dog Bobbie because it was also the name of her first pet seal. #exposed


Why isn’t there a team named Great-Britain?


I’m assuming Wales and Scotland have their own separate teams.


Probably because Breixit was not yet arrived when Pele invented the foot


Yeah I can’t think of any sport outside of Olympics with a joint UK team.


Icon is from the only South American Country I have been too :slightly_smiling_face:. No idea how England will get on against Columbia tomorrow :thinking:


Rugby League.


I was thinking either Peru or Colombia so perhaps it’s the latter :stuck_out_tongue:

Brazil vs. Mexico is not too late for me, luckily. Won’t be able to watch Belgium vs Japan though, but I cannot see the Belgian side lose this one.



Nothing to distract us from the game. Not a single handsome guy there. 8181.


Go Mexico! Let’s make this interesting. :mexico: I’m for whatever team creates more chaos.


Mexico has to take more shots. The window is going to be very small, they must be ready to fire away whenever it opens. They’ve traded at least 3 open shots, all within 25 yards, for a pass that was closed in on, then swallowed up by Brazil defense.

C’mon Mexico. Don’t pull a Spain on us.


If Mexico loses we’re going to blame it on you horndogging your way through this match, you know that I hope. :unamused:

Don’t get distracted by the odd hairy leg!


Mexican goalkeeper is keeping them in it.


The game’s slipping away from Mexico now.


Yes it is.

Neymar has Mexico on the verge of TILT.