FIFA World Cup 2018



That’s what we don’t like on him. He tries to get an Oscar instead of the Cup.
Like yesterday when Layun stepped on him. It was fault, maybe even for a card, but nothing as serious as the show he made up.
When he’s up on two feet, that’s when he shines.


He rolled around and around like someone had just hacked off his leg at the knees.
I mean… wow.
At least the ref let it go. Think the more he does it, the more it becomes the “boy who cried wolf” for him. He’s wasting his ammo for the time when he really needs to “go down”.


Did you really spent the night watching the game?


I did. Now on my 3rd cup of coffee. More is needed.


Big mistake sticking around for the second half kickoff. By 50’ it was 2-0, and I was all in - and up until almost 4:30am (groan). :persevere:


By then it is almost dawn and there is no way you are going back to sleep all worked up. Why?! WHYYYY!???


Watching the highlights the next day is good for me at this age. :slight_smile:



Finally. After 66 minutes of what I thought might be a Rotary Club meeting or something equally exciting.

Sweden 1-0 Switzerland


This has to be the nicest, most middle class crowd in WC history. I’m sure some of them have picnic hampers.


Sweden without Zlatan is doing well, through to the quarterfinals.

They quickly get blocked on Youtube though. I found a way for those interested, use google translate and type both teams name in Arabic.


After all the craziness the WC appears to be returning to form with some reassuringly dull games. This England game might degenerate into a scrap, which would liven things up.




England are going to lose on penalties.





No spoilers, extended highlights, just the way I like it.

Not sure in which country they are based, probably going to be taken down one day. But I have watched highlights videos (Prem League, Bundesliga, etc.) on there for a year or so now.


I am at a loss for words. England won a penalty shootout during a world cup. Has this ever happened before?


It’s coming home. Football’s coming home.

Jesus England were dire for much of that. Still Sweden next, should be easy (not).


I think we should beat Sweden even playing like that. Probable Croatia in the semi? No chance, unless we improve considerably.

The poor old ref was given one hell of a rough ride. Apart from the result that was a dreadful match in every way.


Friend of mine posted this…his Father was in a UK Band and he has the same name . Remember which Band you Brits?