FIFA World Cup 2018



Go Belgium! You may be boring, but at least you don’t have Neymar!


Classic :rofl:
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Gonna be a long night tonight. Both matches are must-see for me.


Jesus, nerves already starting to nip for tomorrow night. If England win’s it’s gonna be like they won the whole she-bang.


Certainly seems to be a lot of pressure on the Boys. England , “It’s coming Home” song is just Viral everywhere. Nice to see the support but …that song haha/


The Englanders don’t know left from right when it’s an important game!


Ugh, Mbappe is the worst. Go Uruguay!! C’mon… :sweat:


Rooting for either France, England, Sweden, Belgium, Croatia, or Russia to win the event.


6 out of 8. them’s good chances to make you happy


Between Mbappe and Neymar, I really don’t want France or Brazil to win. I’ll root for some boring, but not overly arrogant team like Sweden or Belgium.


France - Uruguay finished 2-0
Belgium - Brazil coming soon
Croatia - Russia tomorrow
England - Sweden tomorrow


Used to play baseball when I was younger. A teammate, who played exclusively in the outfield, threw a killer knuckleball that he’d bring out “for fun” when warming up. That knuckler of his must have given me (and everybody else on the team) a half-dozen fat lips.

Really feel sorry for Uruguay’s goalkeeper, Fernando Muslera, on Antoine Griezmann’s knuckler for a goal. That ball was dancing like crazy. It moved slightly down and slightly to Muslera’s right just before it reached him. He overcorrected and got his hands too far below the ball, and it went through his fingers and went in. Very tough pace, very easy mistake to make.

Congratulations to Uruguay. Lot of heart on that team.

Now on to Brazil-Belgium …


Come on, Belgium. You’re as exciting as a bowl of custard, but we’re counting on you to give poor, hurt Neymar the long rest he needs.


Can the mussels do it?


Brazil are all over the place, and not in a good way.


Boring Belgium? I think not. Great stuff!


I like that Belgian goalie


Goalie needs to use his fists not his flat hands. No excuse, must have seen hundreds of balls like that in training. Should know how to handle it better.


All Europeans now. Was hoping for a Brazil-France semi-final. Would have been better cause it’s the WC.


Huo gai!