FIFA World Cup 2018



France - Uruguay finished 2-0
Belgium - Brazil finished 2-1
Croatia - Russia this evening
England - Sweden this evening

indeed, all Europeans now


Russia is both Asian and European.


Hot custard, chocolate custard! They won …


Sad to see Brazil go out. I thought they were the better of the two teams.


As to which is the better team, the proof is in the pudding (or custard). They’d be advancing if they were.


True. But as a typical American, I have very little emotion invested in the WC. I felt Brazil was more skillful. I played in HS and also in indoor soccer leagues in college so I’m not totally clueless of the skill sets needed for the different positions. Neymar provided several good chances with his passing toward the end but the other players choked, for example.


Yeah!!! Brazil is gone! No, they were not, they lost. So, technically they were not the better team. Faking injuries they are champion and playing dirty.
Did you see the back-kick from Vincent Kompany? That’s technical, too bad it didn’t go in.


I think the history of sport is replete with examples of better teams and a better man/woman getting beaten. Anyway, congrats on your country’s win. Belgium played hard and smart.


Actually the first goal was I think an own goal by Brazil.


Funny how when that was released it was “30 years of hurt” and now it’s 52 years already. Time flies.

Edit: I quite like this version


Brasil this year reminded me of Holland during the 2010 WC, they had some dudes who spent most of the time faking injuries trying to get whistles from the referee.
Robben was on Neymar’s levels of awful.


According to the stats Brazil had possession of the ball longer than Belgium, but when you can’t finish-off it doesn’t mean a thing.


I thought Arjen Robben did deserve to be granted a penalty kick during the extra time of that final (I was rooting for Spain but found the umpiring unfair on this specific action).


His constant screaming and rolling on the floor anytime an opposing player approached him made me think he deserved someone would break his knee for good and end his career on the spot.



dead silence from the Englanders out there in this forum on the current 1-0 score of their brethren.
Afraid to jinx the game?


Too busy watching the match , they’re drunk already ?


It was a good first half, focus on football and not on fouls, as an Englander I’m happy so far, hope they don’t retreat into their shell at least until they have a 2 goal buffer, after that they have my blessing to play defense.


Foxsports showed a clip in London right after England scored the first goal.
Basically everyone at the beer garten outside threw all their beer from their cups/glasses into the air. It was raining alcohol, ha.

Must’ve been a long wait to get that next round of beer!


The brits be like: