FIFA World Cup 2018



Great header by England’s Harry Maguire. Still scratching my head over Sterling not finding a way to score from three yards out at the end of the half.


England doing well as expected.


okay… Englanders… let out that DEEPPPPP breath and DOWN that beer.
And another beer, etc.


2 nil buffer with 30 minutes left is always good, play football, avoid fouls and no need to over extend and expose.


Congratulations England! Alongside France and Belgium, England are one of the last four teams standing.

One win away from the World Cup Final.


Well done England, it’s been ages since the last time they were in the semis of a WC (I know they won one in 1966).

Croatia vs. Russia, safe prediction here with Croatia coming out on top and reaching the semis again after their great run in 1998.


I’m going to make a no-stakes wager that England will win it all this year. If they do, remember who posted this. If they don’t, then please forget I posted this.


I’m making an all stakes and grass wager that England will not win it this year or any year ever again.
You can hold me to it until they win again.
It was a pretty crap effort from Sweden tonight


Sweden created a fair few chances.


Unless there’s money involved, there’s not really any stakes. :zipper_mouth_face:


Fairly mediocre effort. England will not beat a top class team.


I will put down 100 ntd in a crypto of your choice.


Assuming Croatia win later then we will have a very difficult semi.


I can buy at least two terrible lunchboxes with that. :thinking:


Brianjones may be pining for the golden era of Tony Cascarino EIRE.


Yes the greatest Englishman to play for Ireland .


He was up against a fair number of contenders.


Yeah there was a bunch of em.
Ray Houghton was also a stand out.


Irish dad, fair enough. I’m getting an Irish passport because of my mum, so can’t really throw stones.


Yeah and I say fair play take it.
But now realise you really are an Irishman and think about that for a minute or two.
And not in the Guinness and leprechaun fashion.