FIFA World Cup 2018



Northern Irish.


Still Irish same thing.
Check what it says on the passport.


But that’s American Irish, isn’t it? I’m not really Irish.


If you have an Irish passport you are Irish (some of my fellow citizens wouldn’t agree but I think there’s no ambiguity whatsoever ).

…And now back to the topic at hand.

Big celebrations in England…


If I were to walk into a pub in Cork and order a large gin and tonic I wouldn’t be Irish.

I have actually done that in the past.


You would be if you had a passport. If somebody questioned it you just wave it at them . Maybe tell them feck off.

And we drink gin and tonic in Ireland.


Of course. It was Terry Wogan’s favourite tipple.

EDIT: I’m wrong. The fecker liked vodka and tonic. What was wrong with the man?


I prefer G and Ts myself.


Russia put some effort in and it is a shame someone must lose . That drama must have taken it out of both teams . Croatia / England on Wednesday .


Oh, we will. When we get to the final.


France - Uruguay finished 2-0
Belgium - Brazil finished 2-1
Croatia - Russia finished 2(4) - 2(3)
England - Sweden finished 2 - 0

Semi Finals
Belgium - France Wed 7/11 2AM
Croatia - England Thu 7/12 2AM


So, if France and England make it to the final game, does this mean the winner claims overall victory after 2-out-of-3 wins?
France in the Hundred Years’ War
England in the Seven Years’ War


I’m rooting for a belgium-croatia final, it would be so odd.


Fuck yeah! Get in there you poms.

God Sweden were shite tho. Setting up with 10 men 5 meters behind the ball is not how to win a football game.


How come England won? Did they play on the left side of the field? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


If you look back pre group stage, the whole premise behind this England team was to give the younger players some experience. The feeling was more go out and play some football, enjoy it and learn from it come what may.
Well that young relatively green team have managed to push themselves to the semifinal of the world cup and good on them.

Wherever they finish i just hope when this is all over, and the sponsorship deals and the premiership money starts coming there way. They can show a good example off the pitch, instead of becoming a world class players and a world class pricks like so many top footballers.:2cents:


Interesting in the US press that, of the four teams remaining, Croatia is consistently ranked #4 (last). That’s based on the long, tiring game with Russia last night and on Croatia’s goalkeeper’s new hamstring injury.

These polls have England and Belgium playing musical chairs with the next two rankings (some have Belgium #2, some have them #3), and France is the overwhelmingly #1 ranked survivor.

I think anything can happen in a 4-team, single-elimination format. I would be surprised if at least one of the semifinal matches isn’t an upset win. The remaining matches of the 2018 FIFA World Cup tournament should be fantastic.


They aren’t ‘green’.
Average pay in the premiership is 50k a week.
So likelihood is they are already on the way to being what you describe.

50k a week…That’s just crazy.

Well done England and Croatia it’s going to be a good match.


Croatia v England no matter the result there’s no upset. England are slightly favored because they should be fresher and they carry momentum, and they’re a team that we haven’t seen the best of yet. I mean, fuck it, Sterling might actually go crazy and score a goal.


nah, they’ll end up warming the bench while some overpaid player from South America or Africa strolls around the field.