FIFA World Cup 2018



The last poll I saw ranked Belgium at #1, England at #3 and France #2.

The Belgian team has an incentive, winning the WC makes them 400,000 Euro per player.


I wish I got paid 50k NTD a week! :neutral_face:


The best indicator to measure chances is bookmaker odds:
France 2.90, England 3.65, Belgium 3.80, Croatia 5.70. I think English are a bit overrated here and could lose to Croatia, but I guess fatigue is expected in the Croatian team.


Ranked #1 adds to the pressure, not good!


Qatar 2022 says it’s able to host 48 teams already! So, FIFA might start 4 years early, 2022 instead of 2026.


I still can’t understand how Qatar was chosen. There is one big city, Doha (1,5 million people), a bunch of oil fields and a lot of sand. I get that they have enough money to build the stadiums and hotels etc. but how on earth will they be able to channel through the fans from 32 or 48 teams in one city? Maybe it will be a huge football party, but the sheer amount of people that will go to that city in the first two weeks is mind-boggling.


Wasn’t there a scandal on cash being thrown around by the oil men of Qatar and some FIFA guys had to “retire” or something?

Yes apparently so.


South American Teams still in the World Cup :innocent::smirk:


You’d need to add French Guiana. A pedant writes.

EDIT: I could be getting out-pedanted here. French Guiana have their own international football team, but the players are also eligible to represent France. How queer! Having said that, the England/Wales/Scotland/Northern Ireland situation isn’t exactly crystal clear.


Then you can also add Africa!


I find the English team quite likable, actually. But now with the hopes up high, they are in for a mega crash. My prediction for the next game 3-0 for Croatia. I don’t like Croatia a bit. But dreams are bound to get crushed. Belgium loses against France in a dramatic game. Belgium then loses against England in a game no one wants to see, bringing back joy to the English fans, and France boringly wins against a tired and outplayed Croatia side. Mbappe will become player of the tournament after having scored in the semi finals again.

Those are my predictions and I am always wrong.


I don’t think you’re taking into account the momentum of this England team. Every single player is playing above themselves. Of course it’s possible they could blow up at any moment but let’s hope not. I expect them to win the semi but lose the final, the final is maybe too big a step up.


To quote my Scottish friend (who has been surprisingly pleasant throughout), “See that’s what’s causing me such concern - I can’t really pick out any full blown b*stards in the England team who I wish failure and despair upon.”

Come to think of it, I’ve only really been chatting football to 3 friends online, 2 Scottish and one Dutch/English, all wishing England well. Strange times we live in.


They are a young team. I think Croatia is more mature and perhaps better at handling the pressure that is building now. Especially Modric, Mandzukic, and Rakitic have all the experience of playing for big teams in final games. The English players have zero experience.


Yeah, the pressure that’s building always seems to take its best lick on young men with no experience dealing with it.

Every team will have to deal with it, though, no matter what. It’s definitely building for everybody.


Normally you’d be right. Normally a Beckham or a Rooney or a Gazza would have got sent off by now. This is not a normal team, this is not a normal manager.


Maybe that’s exactly the difference to teams in the past. Those big star players had often big star problems. These lads are hungry and kind of unspoiled for now.


Half of Belgium bought a ticket (sold out) to go and cheer for the ‘Red Devils’. It’s victory or revolution.


Such lack of faith.


A people with a great sense of humor. They will need it when they come home… without the football. :stuck_out_tongue: