FIFA World Cup 2018



Come on Belgium, you can do it. Getting excited already.


The French are a weird team, unpredictable!
Belgium we know if they have a strong team to play against they are good, weak team they screw up. Japan almost had them.
If Belgium loses lots of Taiwanese gonna lose big money betting on France. Suddenly they changed their mind and think France is the better team.


“The Battle of the Golden Spurs (Dutch: Guldensporenslag, French: Bataille des éperons d’or), also known as the Battle of Courtrai, was a battle fought between the Kingdom of France and the County of Flanders at Kortrijk (Courtrai in French) in modern-day Belgium on 11 July 1302.”

France lost! I know it’s July 10, but does it matter.

June 2015 the Red Devils won from France 1-4.

Let’s wait and see.


Pretty terrific first half, even though it’s 0-0. Can’t believe Pavard didn’t just scoop that shot over Belgium’s goalkeeper.

One thing not in shortage is confidence. On either side.


Cross after cross by Belgium, France’s goalkeeper can’t/won’t get out and block any of them - yet Belgium can’t convert mostly because there’s nobody on the other end.

Belgium’s Hazard just got mugged in front of France’s penalty box, no foul called. Wow.

France is in a half-defensive mode now … although their attack has consistently been kinda breathtaking this half. Griezemann, whew.

You can hear the squeaking of tightening sphincter muscles all over the stadium in the 82nd minute.

Belgium 0-1 France


Belgium 0-1 France full time

Great game. France looks really good. Griezemann-Giroud-Mbappe are playing very well together. France’s goalkeeper made some terrific saves in this game.

Belgium played their hearts out. Best of luck in the consolation game.


… in the consolation game.

I think they should get rid of that. Just means that one team loses twice to end the tournament. 3rd place, no one will remember anyway. “Made it to the semi-finals” sounds better, no need to play another game.


consolation game is not for the teams.
it’s for the host name/stadium to sell tickets to one more game, sell paraphernalia, make more money, etc.


:1st_place_medal: :2nd_place_medal: :3rd_place_medal:

And a participation award for the team that made it to the semi-finals and lost twice:


It’s all a huge Conspiracy , I tell you…


It’s coming home is 14 characters…

…but, it is isn’t it?


England losing {13}


Hey it’s not all bad. At least Germany took something home.


England changed too many managers over the years. Germany now makes the opposite mistake. Keeping a manager who doesn’t know when it’s time to go.


You are correct/. When England won 5-1 , the German Team went back to the start. Total changes and went on to win the World Cup a few years later. Awesome team. I can’t understand why theyare keeping Low? It’s like keeping a Chancellor who doesn’t know when to go :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


They extended his contract way before the World Cup, that is why, and he won’t quit because it’s never the right time to quit (like smoking). :slight_smile:


It’s part of the national character. If a person or thing worked out very well once, you try to keep it forever. Change = bad


Why do so many people care about this?


You must be American.


If America hosts future World Cups we can look forward to ‘the Intergalactic Series’ including a couple of asteroids and a passing comet as teams and we will have half time TV breaks with Million Year ads costing the same amount as an Imperial Death Star.