FIFA World Cup 2018



Those instances of racism were generated by diversity. And that’s a good thing.

Wait…need to go on Tumblr to read the official position on this problematic issue.


I don’t have a particular stance on the issue and just attribute it to ignorance. Just an interesting tidbit that I missed at the start when the Mexicans were drinking with the Korean ambassador.


Also one very big cherry for England which is that Sir Harry Kane should win the golden boot but interestingly Lukaku is his closest rival. So in theory Lukaku could take it out if he scores a hattrick and Kane fails to score.


Knowledge exchange, about each other. Getting to know Russia for example without the media in between.


My guess is that both won’t play. Vardy and Welbeck for England. Not sure what striker they have on the Belgian bench.


Absolutely . Certainly the Croatian President may have remarked on the amount of support that helped England. as a worry.But they shone through in the end.
Croatia’s President ( for purely educational purposes):


Or, you know, not

Since January 04, 2016


Wtf I love Croatialand now


Too bad they don’t feel the same


Croatialand is a great country


Oh no. I will get my coat.:disappointed_relieved: my apologies, I just posted the first couple of thing I saw about Croatia that stood out. They beat us , congratulations to them


She did go to hug all the players in their locker room. The president I mean.


Fake nooze!

Also Harry looks set to start in the bronze medal/champions of group G rematch. He wants those golden booties.


Does she give long hugs to newly-baptized Croatian fans?


We wish she was the Croatian president. .One hug, one vote.


Nothing wrong with the REAL Madame President any fuckin ways

I wouldn’t be climbing over her to get to @the_bear, if you know what I mean …


I would climb her all day long. In a consensual and respectful way, of course.


I dunno, she’s only two years younger than me. She does have a 17-year-old daughter who is a professional figure skater mind. :eek:


she’s a true PILF, the real deal.


Sorry, and what was the point there???