Fifteen Pizzeria Napoletana

olm and fee have talked about them in the “Best pizza in Taipei” thread but it is time for them to have their own thread.

They have two locations:
1F., No. 4-1, Lane 118, section 2, Heping East Road

1F. No. 36, Lane 280, GuangFu South Road
(MRT Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Exit 2 [Capone’s exit]. Walk straight ahead until Lane 280 and turn right. 30 seconds in. 3 minutes from station).
Lots of parking.

I was at the GuangFu store a few days ago so this applies to that location. Having seen their menu and having heard positive things about them I was somewhat surprised at seeing how much lighting they had. Don’t be fooled by the appearance of a coffee shop.

Their pizza oven is in an open kitchen at the front. Pizzas range from mid $200 to $550 and come in two sizes; 8 inch and 10 inch. A wide variety of beer (draft and bottle) is available. We had the Sicilian red house wine ($180 glass / $800 bottle) and it was very drinkable. Pleasurable enough to make us have two bottles. They gave us a complimentary plate of smoked Gouda but I don’t know if that is their policy for bottle orders.

We split a 10 inch prosciutto/arugula pizza that also had cherry tomatoes on top ($500). Drizzling the chili oil on top (be sure they give it to you) really adds to the flavor. The crust, while thin crust, is not cracker crust. Very nice, slightly chewy, and cooked just right.’

I’ll agree with fee and olm that they are at the top or close to the top as the best pizza in Taipei. I can’t give them my personal top because 1) I’ve only had one pizza there and 2) I still like Papa Gio for the toppings and Giorgio.

Service was excellent with very attentive staff.

Only niggle is that it would be nice to have better atmosphere such as dimming the lights and changing the light wood furnishings (oh, and changing the music from the radio pop but thank god that was at a very low volume so low that you would have to actively try to hear if they are actually playing any music).

Other than that - Great. :thumbsup:

I live pretty close to the Heping location so I’ll go try it out.

Thanks for the tip!

Excellent review, as always, elektronisk. I am glad that you got a chance to try the pizza at fifteen, and I’m glad that it was to your liking.

I have yet to visit the new Guangfu branch, but I understand what you are saying about atmosphere, based on the Heping store. On the plus side, there is bar seating (kind of like Oggi) at Heping, where you can sit and watch the pizzas being made, and then baked in the oven. This is especially good for solo diners like me. (I think there is more table seating at Guangfu.)

However, on the negative side is the big screen TV on the wall that constantly shows the Travel and Leisure channel. I’ve wondered why they want to have a TV, as well as music, on at all times, but I guess that’s just the custom for restaurants here, especially in “student areas,” such as the one near Tai Da. And, yes, it is also glaringly bright at times at the Heping branch.

In any case, thanks for the review, elektronisk. Great work, as usual. And I may just have to visit Papo Gio’s once again to give their pizzas another taste-test. :slight_smile:

Between Fifteen, the new Wendell’s and the all white minimalistic noodle shop that have opened in that area of Guangfu recently, it is easily the brightest two lanes of the city! Still a big fan of Fifteen’s menu though, and would mention their salads as another big attraction. Sitting outside at the Heping branch is pleasant and a good way to avoid the harsh lighting. I, too, give Fifteen a :thumbsup: .