Fifty G$ for the first person to answer these questions

I will give 50G$ to the first person who can tell me

  1. the date that I arrived in Taiwan (in mm/dd/yyyy format)
  2. my favorite brand of cigarettes
  3. where I got my cat
  4. my favorite country
  5. my alma mater, and
  6. who came all the way from the US to see me

The answers to all of these questions are somewhere on segue. You must submit your answers to me by PM. I will answer yes-no questions, but only those asking for hints and not the answers to the above questions. I will post the winner on this thread.

Happy hunting.


Are you bribing people to take notice of you?

No. I just went through some of my archived posts and thought it would be interesting to see if anyone was desperate enough to go through all 150+ of them for 50 guanxi points. I guess it’s kinda like an ego search, but I realized that for someone who tries to keep herself pretty secretive, I’m doing a poor job of it.

  1. the date that I arrived in Taiwan (in mm/dd/yyyy format)
    Stardate 24567.5

  2. my favorite brand of cigarettes
    Russian Space Dog

  3. where I got my cat
    Hidden in the microwave

  4. my favorite country

  5. my alma mater
    Taipei Lunatic Asylum
    (Majoring in Running Like a Girl)

  6. who came all the way from the US to see me
    My gerbil

Congratulations to ali who found out the answers to all of my questions with only one hint from me. Um, wolf…you were a little off on only 6 of them, but a valiant effort nevertheless. Here’s 5 G$ for trying.

I am thinking how we can get ImaniOU’s remaining 90 Guanxi’s. Maybe we can take turns watching her cat for a week at a time. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would happily pay $G90 to look after someone’s cat for a week

One of my Chinese teachers has a neighbor from Guangzhou who he says likes to eat cats … and I’m not kidding … :shock:

Might have been a synonym…

Everyone’s always after me lucky guanxi…

I’ve never heard of anyone paying to watch a cat like mine, but if you really insist, I will need a cat sitter for five weeks or so this summer. He’s a great alarm clock. The problem for you is that unless you get up around 6am like I do, you might not like being woken up by a yowling cat. Especially when he stands on your chest and does it in your face.

Game over. I have given my 50 guanxi points away. Thanks for playing and helping me boost my ego a bit. I guess anyone else is welcome to use this thread if you want to send fellow seguers on an information scavenger hunt.

ewww… that’s disgusting… I don’t want to look after it unless you can get train it to use the kitty litter