Fighting Eviction

After a year at our present apt. we resigned a rental agreement for another year. One month after this, we get a notice that the property has been repossessed from our landlord by the bank. We then find out that this repossession happened before she went ahead and signed our 2nd year lease without telling us anything!

We were/are very worried about never seeing our 2 months deposit again, so when rent was due at the beginning of this month, we said we were giving our notice and using our deposit in lieu of rent. The landlord got extremely angry and told us to vacate the apt. within 4 days or she would be showing up with the police to evict us and change the locks. I said calling the police was a great idea and we would be doing the same. She of course never showed up but the threat still hangs over us.

What rights to a property does a landlord have after it is repossessed by the bank? I would have guessed none, but it appears that in Taiwan this is something of a grey area. I’ve heard 3rd-hand stories of this happening and people just living rent-free unti the property gets sold. Anybody know where we stand legally in this situation?

Perhaps you should find out which bank it is and ask the bank. Meanwhile start getting your stuff sorted out because you are going to have to get out sooner or later.