Figuring out district and neighborhood from an address?

Does anyone know of a web site where one can figure out the district (區) and neighborhood (里) for an address? For district I can figure it out from the postal code if available or fumble around with the postal code tool that Big Fluffy Matthew has mentioned: … al_e_1.jsp

However, I have no idea how to figure out where to find info on where to find out which neighborhood (里) an address is in. I need it for tax purposes for payroll and some of our employees are no longer here and we just have the simple address (the full address is on the ID card so we were able to get it easily for all current employees). Doesn’t matter if the web page is in English or Chinese.

Example partial address: 台北市民權東路2段74號1樓
Example full form address: 10468台北市中山區新生里民權東路2段74號1樓