Fika Fika (Swedish) in Kaohsiung, lunch date at Ikea-Kaohsiung

View isn’t bad but a lot of the seats are not by the window…

There’s about 5 seats with an outlet for charging your devices, and they are always occupied.

The view is fantastic one of the best views of Taipei from anywhere of any public space.

Work hard because you only need two seats by the window for a nice date.

I don’t know, that area in the back offers some really good views.

I don’t know about taking dates to Ikea because the food is kinda… you know a bit light, and a little on the expensive side too. I eat at costco often because their food is quite heavy for the price, and I can be very full and satisified on a very low budget, and no one else in Taiwan offers the same value. A fulfilling meal at Ikea will cost me about 300 or more.

How crowded was ikea at kaohsiung?

Neihu is my favorite - very spacious and not packed even at dinner. Their cafeteria has couches for 2 for sitting and eating.

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Looks quite different from Fika, should more cakes-snacks

7-11 Sweden Fika

It’s always crowded on the weekends, and on weekdays it’s hit or miss. Sometimes very empty, other times almost as crowded as the weekends.

Either way, I’ve never had any trouble finding a table.

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do they have those pizza slices as big as a grown mans face in Costco on Taiwan? I’ve got to know

Ooo and the smoothies

You can go and see, two Costco’s here in Kaoshuing, more in the North if your there.

In Sweden, Fika at seven eleven