Filing Criminal Charges for Adultery

How efficient is the Taiwan court system? If I file criminal charges against my spouse for adultery, what length of time would I be looking at from beginning to end? I know it’s a personal decision but do you think it’s worth doing so or is it just a waste of time?

Even it were an open and shut case, wrapped up by next Tuesday at noon, it’d still be a waste of time.
Terrible position to be in, but your best route forward is in a wholly other direction.

Tempting as it may reflexively be, I’d say it’s far better to drop it and move on. What is the upside from tangling yourself up in a messy and likely expensive court case? Remember, you may not win, in which case I guess you’d have to pay - double ouch! If you do win, then that’s a nice fuck you factor you will almost certainly regret down the track, methinks.

What’s that phrase? Living well is the best revenge?

Take it easy. And live well!


It’s ridiculous that adultery should be a crime, anyway. What is this, Iran? Please don’t play this game.

If you want to present adultery as grounds for divorce, i.e. a civil matter between you and your spouse, that is a different matter.

Worth it? Depends whether you want your friends to be secretly labeling you as a weirded-out bunny boiler, really. I know I wouldn’t consider putting someone in JAIL for something like that as being “worth it,” that’s for sure.
You SERIOUSLY want to utterly destroy this guy or girl just because he/she cheated on you?
God in heaven! What the fuck is WRONG with people?

I’ve only been through the courts once, for a small claims case, and I found the court system to be reasonably efficient. However, your case would probably be very very different since it would be criminal, and messy. I can’t say I’d recommend attempting it.

Since you asked, I’ll join those above in recommending against it. I imagine that you need to do now is move on with your life, and try to get over the pain and bitterness. A court case would just prolong the ugliness, and all sides would lose. Just my two bits. Whatever you decide though, best of luck to you.

In the case of divorce, can/does alimony get awarded without a conviction? If a woman’s alimony depended on an adultery conviction, then I guess I could understand going to court.

pjl must have his reasons and I guess many must like taking the line of revenge through court in many instances or else Taiwan wouldn’t be so harsh on adultery in the first place. Love is a complicated thing and I think judging one person’s stance based on an entirely individual situation is harsh, especially when done on the end of a network cable. At least there is a court that will hear the case. It saves some people taking matters into their own hands, if that’s the alternative for some.

I can see situations where busting your SO for adultery can help you.

Say for instance that you are caught in a marriage, where your SO cheats on you. You want a divorce, however your SO prefers to stay married.

If you bust your SO and you file charges, you get a rather strong negotiation position when it comes to sharing kids and your earthly posessions. Moreover, if convicted, you can get a divorce through the courts.

I don’t know if the judge will award custody and more dough to the henpecked party, however with a decent lawyer I would not be too surprised if that extra windfall did happen.