Filing income tax return for 2013

It’s my first time filing an income tax return in Taiwan, so I guess this is a basic question, hoping someone can help :slight_smile:

Is it true that you can only file your income tax return for 2013 during the month of May in 2014? Or is it the case that you can file anytime, but you won’t receive any tax refund (or have to pay any surplus tax) until the end of May?

I found the ETax software for aliens online, but after installing it it came up with a message saying the following:

" Due to not at Internet-filing duration (2014/5/1~6/3), please go to tax authority to finish your declaration personally by electronic media or manual filing method"

Thanks in advance

My experience has been that you cannot use the online filing until May. Also, when I’ve tried to file in person before May (in Taoyuan) and indicated that I want my refund direct deposited to my bank account, I’ve been told to “come back in May.” Apparently you can file early if you’re opting for a refund check, but not direct deposit.

By the way, the refund won’t be processed until a few months later.

Thanks Steve!