Filipino English Teacher

Hi. I am 35 year old filipino engineer with a graduate degree units in language and literatureā€“english. Currently, I intend to have a carreer change and I believe teaching is what I can do well.

Is there a way for me to realize this dream and work in Taipei. I would really appreciate it, if anybody among you there can enlighten me on this matter and eventually give me leads on who can employ me.

Thanks for the help.

Wencie :wink:

I see no reason why not, with a graduate degreeā€¦although you will face some prejudice most likely from people who want blond, blue-eyed Americans or Canadians as their first choice.

Impress them with your experience and credentials, your willingness to work and your team spirit. Anyway, if you speak Tagalog, Iā€™ll gladly hire you part-time as a private tutorā€¦ :laughing:

Thatā€™s a good question. What I donā€™t know about is how you/your school would go about getting a work permit since youā€™re not from a ā€œnative English-speakingā€ country. Iā€™m sure you could do the study-Chinese-and-teach-English-illegally thing but it sounds like youā€™d like a legitimate job. Can anyone answer his question more specifically?