Film your Marxist Professors


Cipolla’s 1st law of stupidity: Always and inevitably everyone underestimates the number of stupid individuals in circulation.

I estimate the number of stupid individuals in circulation as 100% of the population! :grinning: :slight_smile: :neutral_face: :thinking: :doh:

Presumably, Comrade Finsky will point out the 3rd law: A stupid person is a person who causes losses to another person or to a group of persons while himself deriving no gain and even possibly incurring losses. My objection is, subjectivity will always stop that issue from being definitively settled. Interesting theory though. :slight_smile:


“Whatever the case, if there were mixed opinions on the matter, there were also mixed ideas about what the consequences might be.”


They do not receive a large salary for their services. They get other perks, like their kids can go to college for almost free… under certain conditions.

Not even the pro capitalist ones at provate schools make a bundle.

We regard the Che mostly as a killer and a tosser. But they give him points for at least annoying Fidel.

Actually, real socio economic theory is fascinating. Most enjoyable courses. But then we do get to explore the socioeconomic context under which different political systems came to be. Knowing US education, having read a few US textbooks, I doubt they go beyond black and white, one or two forms, instead of teh whole spectrum.




I think there’s a flaw in your reasoning here. Humans have always looked for some out-group on which to blame their problems, and the out-group can be practically anybody who’s different. So to that extent Fox News fans will look upon all left-wingers as the source of What’s Wrong With The World. That’s about as far as the connection goes between ‘cultural Marxists’ and Jews.

The ticklish part about these theories is that they’re sometimes (partly) true. Jewish people do control the entertainment and banking industry (although they’re discriminated against in others - nothing ever changes!). I don’t see how that’s a bad thing as such; as long as the people in charge are competent, I’m not particularly bothered if they’re green and tentacled.

Universities have always been incubators for radical thought, and unfortunately most students/faculty think that extreme left-wing/socialist thought is the only radical there is. That’s a problem because we’re getting a whole generation of young minds unable to cope with life because they’re being told that everything is the fault of, like, the patriarchy and stuff. Back in the good old days, that sort of nonsense would have been offset by a few crusty old professors reminding the students that their grades were entirely dependent on getting out of bed in the morning and doing some work, not the colour of their skin or their genital conformation.


Ah, socialism in action :slight_smile:

How’s the general quality of education, compared to (say) the US, where they do receive large salaries … or at least, generate large incomes for the universities?

Interesting, because that’s precisely what I thought when I read his biography. The sad part is that the Motorcycle Diaries paints a different picture: a young man who is narcissistic and potentially violent, but with a genuine sense of moral outrage at the injustice he sees. He struck me as very like Steve Jobs - a rather poor leader, a callous user of others, and more full of self-confidence than his intellect would merit, but with a curious ability to get people fired up. If he’d never picked up a gun, he might have done some good.

I agree, it’s very interesting when discussed by competent people. And it’s important. Which I why I get so upset by the type of people in the video.




Indeed. I was just saying History could have still gone in two radically different directions at that point; plenty of CEOs have potentially destructive, self-destructive, or socially-undesirable traits but manage to channel them into productive directions.


It’s not that there was a moment in his life that he had to make a choice between being a justice fighter and a murderer. Probably he still was both things when he was killing people in the name of what he believed on.


As his own personal epiphany - the moment he became a killer rather than a doctor - he pinpointed the moment when he decided to pick up a gun and return fire, instead of picking up the medical supplies. I thought this was a classic example of his own hubris, since he had (apparently) little or no experience of handling a gun and therefore would have been able to do nothing useful with it except by pure luck; his skill was as a medic, and that was his role in the team (such as it was). In other words, he abandoned his duty to his comrades to indulge his own ego.

While there are undoubtedly a few key historical figures who would have benefited from a bullet in the head, I suggest it’s possible to be a freedom fighter without ever picking up a weapon; various people have done so.


This smacks to me of propaganda.

For ‘Film your Jewish professors’ find an ugly person with poor IQ and outlandish views, stick it all over the Internet and use it to denigrate all Jewish Professors.

Insert black, fat people , Indians whatever group you want to attack ad infinitum.


Of course it’s propaganda. But Marxism is an ideology–none of the things you mention are. And their ideas are what’s being criticized. What’s the problem?


I was merely mocking some people who invite mockery. I don’t care what group they’re part of, unless that group is “professors who don’t deserve tenure”. I will concede that without concrete identification, it’s hard to tell if they actually are professors. It’s possible they’re just random MA students. However there’s a whole bunch of these clips on the internet (apart from the collection I posted), many of which do identify the professor by name and institution.

It’s an interesting thought though: if someone posted “Film your Indian Professor” clips featuring dumbass Indian professors … well, for one thing there would probably only be about three clips in existence, but it’s unlikely that viewers would make the inference “all Indian professors are dumb”, not least because anyone with a university education would have encountered at least one non-dumb Indian professor. As tempogain said, this is about an ideology, which seems to attract a disproportionate number of people with limited cognitive skills, a massive chip on their shoulders, and a penchant for supersize Coca-Cola.

While we’re on the subject, what on earth is a Jew? Apart from the fact that they’re more inclined to have jobs, I’ve never been able to figure out what their distinguishing characteristics are supposed to be. They’re not differently-coloured, differently-shaped, differently-cultured, differently-passported (given that there are more of them outside of Israel than within it) or otherwise differently endowed from the lumpen mass of humanity. Apparently Hitler had a hell of a time trying to figure out who he actually hated so he could murder them. Jews with blond hair were a particularly thorny problem.


The thing is that that bullshit now is kinda a thing. Marginal? maybe. But they have a strong voice, they’re making a lot of noise recently. I wouldn’t use “marxist” though.


Might have been just as aptly posted in the Religion forum, IMO. Converts to this type of ideology have such a deeply grounded belief system and reinforce it with a sense of moral fortitude that any type of criticism is quickly brushed aside as belonging to those who are incapable of reaching the enlightenment they have attained and as such a critic will be referred to various sources of information so they can be properly educated. As is often the case with a person with religious ideology, such conversations are mostly futile.


The problem is it’s trying to stamp the image that ALL professors who are involved with Marxism look like that and speak like that…Obvious propaganda from the title I don’t fall for it.

They could have said look at the Marxist profs from Berkeley or use their names but nope it’s an obvious ploy to stamp an image on a broader group.


Jewish people are tied together by religion. Religion and ideology , similar.

Now there could be believers in ideology and religion and academics who study a given ideology or religion or a mix of the two in many cases.

The Nazis (yes Godwin’s law) used crude videos and clips of the ugliest Jews or mentally incapacitated to make them seem subhuman, they would then title them generically ‘The Jew’ .


No, not really. There are plenty of “secular Jews” who (at best) follow a few token rituals the way Westerners observe Christmas or Easter. As far as I can tell, most of them identify as such.

Depends what you mean by futile. They have amusement value :slight_smile:


I wish there as also a "film your feminist professor’ thing


But real feminazi professor looks nothing like this perfectly airbrushed fat girl.